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The Best Wall Sconces for Adding a Soft, Elegant Glow Your Space

Four stylish wall fixtures sure to illuminate any room.

The Best Wall Sconce Lighting Fixtures on Amazon Amazon

Lighting more than almost anything else can completely transform the look of a room. Unfortunately, recessed lighting can be difficult and time-consuming to achieve. So, if you’re looking for something a little easier, a good wall sconce or two should do the trick.

A sconce is a wall-mounted lighting fixture that can be used to add some much-needed illumination to any room, hallway or entryway. They are usually conical in shape with a light pointing up or down, depending on your preference. Of course, you’ll want one that fits in with the rest of the surroundings.

If you’ve been looking around your home or apartment and wishing the lighting was a little brighter, there’s no better reason to invest in a couple of sconces. The best part? They’re usually small enough to be installed without professional help. Here are some of the best options currently available on Amazon.

1. Permo Classic Wall Sconce

The biggest thing to consider when picking out a sconce is the décor of the room it will be situated in. Does it have a classic look or have you gone for something modern? If the answer is somewhere in between, Permo’s sconce might be just what you’re looking for. Although the fixture, for the most part, has a sleek, contemporary design, its fabric shade means it will be right at home in a more traditional setting. And if all that wasn’t enough, it comes in a set of two.

Permo Classic Wall Sconce


Permo Classic Wall Sconce: $129.99

2. Linea di Liara Effimero Wall Sconce

No sconce on this list is more eye-catching than Linea di Liara’s model. The company’s bold wall fixture is finished in dazzling chrome that you can’t help but notice. Of course, just as attention-grabbing is its flamboyant design. The sconce looks like a torch that’s been brought back from the future, with a glass shade that appears to almost float around the light bulb. And if you’ve gone for a modern look with your home or office, it’s sure to be a perfect fit.

Linea di Liara Effimero Wall Sconce


Linea di Liara Effimero Wall Sconce: $59.90

3. Kichler Hendrik Wall Sconce

Kichler’s sconce is far from the most eye-catching option but that is actually a big part of its charm. With a subtle, brushed nickel finish and a contemporary design, it will fit in with almost any room you put it in. It also has some particularly nice details, like a satin-etched opal glass case that will nicely soften the light from any bulb you fit it with.

Kichler Hendrik Wall Sconce


Kichler Hendrik Wall Sconce: $117.79

4. Yobo Lighting Starburst Wall Sconce

If you’re looking for a sconce that will get everyone’s attention, look no further than this model from Yobo Lighting. Made of brass, it features a playful starburst-like design that has room for not one but two lights. The extra illumination makes it perfect for any area that needs to be particularly well lit, like in a bathroom next to a mirror.

Yobo Lighting Starburst Wall Sconce


Yobo Lighting Starburst Wall Sconce: $84.99

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