The Best Whiskey Rocks to Chill Drinks Without Watering Them Down

Say goodbye to standard ice cubes.

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When it comes to the finest liquors, temperature is one of the most critical factors to savoring every last drop. Not only can the right temperature enhance flavor but it can also just add to how refreshing it tastes on the palate. Whiskey is no exception to these general guidelines. Superb single malts and their ilk are precious and need to be enjoyed to the maximum. To help keep your glass ideally chilled, try using dedicated whiskey rocks.

Just as their name suggests, whiskey rocks are alternatives to standard ice cubes that bring your beverage’s temperature down without making it watery. They can be made from just about any material, from natural stone to metal, and though they all perform the same function, some models do it with a bit more finesse than others. And what’s great is that because they don’t melt, they can be used over and over again.

Here, we’ve curated our four favorite styles available on Amazon. Happy imbibing!


1. Adoric Silicone Ice Cube Trays

OK, so yes, we did sneak one traditional ice variant on this list. But hear us out. It may seem a bit old fashioned, however, it does have it’s place. For particularly strong whiskeys, the natural melting action can provide a desired watering down effect that’s slow and keeps pace as you drink. And it also does us all the favor of eschewing hard plastic construction that makes dislodging the cubes a pain, opting instead for flexible and eco-friendly silicone. Plus, it comes with different configurations so you can choose ice spheres are geometric blocks depending on your preference or just the shape and dimensions of your glass.

Adoric Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Courtesy of Amazon

Adoric Silicone Ice Cube Trays: $12.98

2. Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones

Complete with nearly 10 components, this set is the answer to all your whiskey-chilling needs. Each cube is cut from natural soapstone, which is non-porous and naturally stain-resistant. This also means that it won’t impart any off-flavors to your drink of choice, and it holds a cold temperature beautifully. Because they’re not made from ice, you get all of the cooling with none of the watering down—simply keep them in your freezer so they’re ready for use whenever you are. However, if you’re saving them elsewhere for the right occasion or plan on giving them as a gift, they come in a velvet carrying case.

Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones

Courtesy of Amazon

Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones: $9.99

3. Amerigo Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Very possibly the sleekest option on our list, these cubes look like liquid silver. Forged from steel with rounded edges, they are all polished to a high-shine, mirror finish that elevates the look of even the chicest glass. Aesthetics aside, the material also makes it a prime option for its ability to be cleaned with minimal fuss and you’ll never have to worry about it either chipping or melting. To match its functionality and killer styling, the entire set also comes housed in a handsome gift box that makes it great for giving away on special occasions or simply acting as organized storage when the cubes are not in use.

Amerigo Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Courtesy of Amazon

4. Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Like one of our other top picks, this collection is made from natural rock that won’t water down your Pappy Van Winkle. However, this one comes with a few great extras. Not only does it include a pair of coasters so your dining or coffee table will remain water mark-free, but it also has nimble metal tongs so you can securely ferry one cube at a time into your glass, remaining sanitary all the while. The cubes come neatly stored in their own wooden box—embossed with the brand seal across the top—which makes for a terrific present or convenient storage.

Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set: $10.99

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