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The Best Whiskey Wedges to Add to Your Next Tipple

If you’re going to add ice, make sure you do it right with one of these slow-melting wedges.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Courtesy of Amazon

To ice, or not to ice, that is the question. Whiskey purists will argue that nothing but a few drops of water should be added to the smoky tipple. This is backed up by science which suggests a little dash of H2O yields a more flavorful whiskey as it lowers the proof, and unleashes new tastes and aromas. Of course, too much water and you’re left with a whiskey that’s diluted, and no one wants that.

That’s where ice comes in. The right ice promises to chill your whiskey while tempering the intensity. But it can’t be a cluster of small cubes; it needs to be a big block. Even better, a whiskey wedge. The whiskey wedge melts at a far slower pace than regular cubes or large spheres, mixing with your golden elixir at the correct speed. That way, you can open up the whiskey and fully appreciate its structure.

Here, we’ve pulled together four of the best molds on Amazon to get you whiskey ice wedges in no time.

1. Kollea Whiskey Glass and Wedge Set

This nifty design is basically an inverted whiskey wedge. Whereas most regular ice wedges sit flush against one corner of the glass, this silicone mold creates a negative wedge in the middle of the glass where the whiskey sits. Since there’s ice on both sides of the glass, your whiskey will keep cool for much longer. Plus, the unique shape is sure to impress fellow whiskey connoisseurs at your next cocktail party.

Pros: Since you get two wedge molds and two glasses, you can enjoy your whiskey with a friend.

Cons: All that ice makes for quite cold hands.

Kollea Whiskey Glass and Wedge

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Kollea Whiskey Glass and Wedge Set: $21.99

2. Ice Cubist Whiskey Wedge Mold

This product does exactly what it says on the packet: It makes a striking piece of slanted ice to keep your tipple chilled while maintaining undiluted clarity. The mold itself is crafted from FDA-approved food-grade silicone that leaves no undesired aftertaste and won’t affect the flavor of your whiskey. You’ll also receive a matching premium square rocks glass which is a welcome addition to any bar.

Pros: The matching set make sure you’ll get the right ice to whiskey ratio every time.

Cons: There is only one glass and one ice tray per set, so you may be imbibing alone.

Ice Cubist Whiskey Wedge Mold

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Ice Cubist Whiskey Wedge Mold:

3. Adoric Sphere Ice Tray

Okay, it’s a sphere, not a wedge but it works on the same slow-melting principle. This durable silicone tray makes four 2.5-inch ice balls that work in any type of cocktail. You can also add edible flowers, lemon slices or alcohol infusions to the balls themselves if you want to be particularly fancy. However, since a sphere-shaped piece of ice has more surface area in contact with the whiskey than a flat plane (wedge), you’ll have to be more mindful of dilution.

Pros: There are enough spheres for a full round of cocktails.

Cons: It will melt slightly quicker than a wedge.

Adoric Ice Sphere Tray

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

4. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Mold

Perfect for whiskey connoisseurs who appreciate good design, this whiskey wedge delivers an eye-catching piece of slanted ice each time. You simply pop the silicone mold in the included glass, add water then freeze and, presto, you have an ice wedge on one side of the glass. What really sets the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge apart is the double old-fashioned glass that comes in the kit. With a thick square bottom, the glass is at once elegant and refined.

Pros: Great value given the premium quality.

Cons: Again, there’s only one glass and one whiskey wedge per set.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Mold: $24.95

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