The Best Wine Stoppers to Keep Your Vino Fresh

Can’t finish the bottle? Reseal it with one of these cheeky wine condoms.

Pinot Protector Courtesy of Amazon

Even the most avid wine drinkers need to recork a bottle from time to time. While a glass of white will pair with your salad, you want to open a red for the steak course. But you still want to save the remaining wine from those bottles, because, well, it was really good. But you also need to prevent as much oxidation as possible.

But maybe you don’t want to break out the fancy wine tools, or possibly you’re traveling, and your Coravin is at home. The good news is you don’t need to bother trying to squeeze that cork back in. There are better ways to reseal your bottle these days. You can even use a rubber seal that’s akin to a bottle condom.

Wine condoms definitely get a few chuckles and smirks, but you’ll be surprised by how well they work. Crafted from food-grade latex, each one has an air-tight grip to keep your wine fresh.

Here, four of our favorites brands that are functional and have a sense of humor.

1. Wine Armour Stoppers

These discrete bottle stoppers are for the wine connoisseur who appreciates the finer things—they look as good as they work. Every stopper comes individually packaged with an insignia on the front of the box. The wine condoms themselves have excellent stretch and shrink-ability and can create an air-tight seal on bottles of almost any size, from your thicker neck of Dom Perignon magnum to a slimmer late-harvest Riesling.

Pros: There are two dozen of these babies per box.

Cons: Definitely not the funniest product on this list.

Wine Armour

Courtesy of Amazon 

Wine Armour Stoppers

2. Pinot Protector

The sheer volume of puns on the package is worth the purchase alone. Pinot Protector promises to “salvage a bottle if you pop the cork prematurely.” Each condom sits flush against the bottle’s rim, which means you can lay the bottle on its side in your wine fridge or cellar and it won’t leak. Plus, that airtight seal guarantees freshness.

Pros: You’re guaranteed a laugh.

Cons: There are only six per pack.

Pinot Protector

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Pinot Protector: $12.99

3. Vodolo Wine Bottle Stopper

Crafted entirely from food-grade latex, these wine condoms are ultra-durable and won’t rip or tear. Plus, they can be reused time and time again; you simply rinse and airdry. The all-in-one topper is compatible with any type of bottle and creates an airtight vacuum to keep all that wonderful flavor in and air out.

Pros: Since they’re reusable, they’re also eco-friendly.

Cons: Packaging is more basic than stylish.

Vodolo Wine Stopper

Courtesy of Amazon 

Vodolo Wine Bottle Stopper

4. Wine Condoms

Packaged in a glitzy gold-and-black wrapper, this scene-stealing wine condom has supposedly been purchased by a spate of celebrities, including Amy Poehler, Sharon Stone, Mila Kunis and Melissa McCarthy. Thanks to its cutting-edge, shrink-to-fit technology, the condom can create an airtight seal around nearly every bottle to prevent oxidation. Despite its star power, Wine Condoms are still relatively cheap. You can pick up six for just $15.

Pros: Easily the wine condom with the most amount of panache.

Cons: It may be too lewd for some.

Wine Condom

Courtesy of Amazon 

Wine Condoms: $14.97

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