The Best Wobble Glass for Aerating Your Favorite Whisky

Swirl your spirits in style.

The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Glasses Amazon

There’s a real art to savoring top-shelf spirits. Everything from the style of glassware you use to the size of the accompanying ice cubes will impact how your tipple tastes. Take a wobble glass for instance. Designed for whiskey connoisseurs, these glasses feature a convex base that keeps them tilted while at rest. Not only does make them look incredibly chic, but it ensures it’s plenty easy to swirl your spirits, just like a regular James Bond.

This aeration will allow you to unlock new flavors and aromas in your drink while also adding a little drama to the overall sipping experience. Wobble glasses are most commonly used for scotch or bourbon but are also great for wines, cognac, brandy, and anything else that benefits from a little breather. They can vary in shape and can hold up to 10 to 15 ounces of liquid. Here, we’ve select four of the finest sets of wobble glasses on Amazon that will add a little pizzaz to your home bar.

1. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Touted as the original diamond whiskey glass, Dragon Glassware’s angular design is as striking as it is practical. Tilted at a 50-degree angle, the gravity-defying glass is spill-proof, which means you can swirl your spirits wholeheartedly without fear of any sticky mishaps. This set includes two separate glasses that are both handcrafted from high-quality lead-free glass that is refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe. The duo is plenty durable and suitable for daily use. As an added bonus, these glasses were also featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers and used by none other than Rhianna. If they’re good enough for Riri…

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses


Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses: $34.99

2. MyGift Tilted Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Perfect for small cocktail parties, this set includes four tilted lowball glasses that will add a touch of class to any tipple. Each glass is crafted from luxurious crystal and has an extra-thin rim for delicate sipping. Measuring 3.7 inches high and 3.6 inches wide, they have a clever slanted design to expose a larger amount of whiskey to the air and release all those complex aromas. On top of that, each wobble glass has a simple curved silhouette and classic shape that is conducive to a variety of home bars.

MyGift Tilted Crystal Whiskey Tumblers


MyGift Tilted Crystal Whiskey Tumblers: $37.50

3. Aura Glass No Spill Aerating Glass

Aura Glass switched things up with its one-of-a-kind aerating glass. Unlike the other lowballs on our list, the patented design pivots on a stainless steel ball to incorporate air into your tipple without any spillage. These balls are available in four different colors and can also double as drink charms to determine which cocktail or wine belongs to whom. Here, we’ve opted for the gold steel balls that give a little old-school charm. Beautifully crafted, this set includes two wobble glasses, as well as two custom wood oak coasters that can keep your drink upright if you get sick of slanted life.

Aura Glass No Spill Aerating Glass


Aura Glass No Spill Aerating Glass: $39.95

4. The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Much like Dragon Glassware’s diamond-inspired design, The Wine Savant’s whiskey glasses have a distinct polygonal shape and will standout during cocktail hour. Each set of four is handblown by skilled artisans from thick, lead-free glass to prevent breakage and suitable for holding bourbon, scotch, cognac and more. Thanks to a relatively wide mouth, the glasses are nice and easy to drink from after you’ve finished your swirling, of course. For a premium sipping experience, enjoy your whiskey on the rocks.

The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Glasses


The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Glasses: $27.95

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