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The 10 Best Wooden Spatulas to Flip Everything From Pancakes to Crab Cakes

This nifty tool is a cornerstone of any kitchen collection. Be sure to choose wisely.

best wood spatula

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When it comes to cooking utensils, there are really only a few things that are absolute essentials. A wooden spatula is one of them. Not only does its natural material make it long-lasting, but its versatile shape can do everything from flip crab cakes to nimbly sauté vegetables in a pan. And being that it’s wood, it’s safe to use on any type of cookware, nonstick included.

The simpler and more streamlined a tool is, the more important the finest details become. The kind of wood matters as does its overall proportions, the shape of its handle and angle of its head. Any poorly thought-out element could make it unnecessarily fussy to use; a subpar implement is the last thing you want to worry about in the middle of dinner prep.

To ensure that you have the right tool to cook like a pro, we’ve curated a list of the best wooden spatulas available.

Nayahouse Teak Kitchen Utensils Set

It rarely hurts to have too much of a good thing—and this curated utensils set is proof. Carved from rich teak hardwood, each piece sports a handsome dark finish and is perfectly safe to use even on delicate non-stick cookware. The set comes complete with two different kinds of spatulas and two large spoons, one of which has holes for drainage. Though they can easily be stood up in a canister or placed in a drawer, each piece comes with a hole on the end so they can also hang if you prefer to put your utensils on display. To make sure these stay in top condition for as long as possible, the brand recommends washing them by hand.

Buy Now on Amazon: $19

Eddington Olive Wood Wide Spatula

When you think about Italy, the country’s rich tradition of using olives in its cuisine usually comes to mind. But the tree wood that bears the fruit is just as important. Handcrafted in Europe from olive wood, this spatula has a beautifully contoured shape with a somewhat narrow head that makes it ideal for stirring and scraping up brown bits from the bottom of a pan. Its rich natural grain may not serve any practical function, but it certainly ups the aesthetic appeal of this versatile tool. Like the other models on our list, it’s recommended that you hand wash and oil it regularly to make sure it stays in top form.

Buy Now on Amazon: $10

Sur La Table Olive Wood Curved Turner and Spatula

As we stated above, olive wood spatulas are a staple in Italian cooking, perfect for stirring ragu and other sauces in a skillet or pot. But what we didn’t mention are its sinuous patterns and pronounced knots, especially when it’s spalted. A great example of what we’re talking about is this chic style from Sur La Table. Measuring a little over 15 inches, this wood spatula will not only stir your stews and soups effectively, but it’ll also look good in a utensil bowl on your kitchen counter. 

Buy Now on Sur La Table: $22

Le Creuset Revolution Wood Scraping Spoon and Spatula

We all know and love Le Creuset for its Dutch ovens, the famed enameled cast iron pots that every celebrity chef and cook have in their cabinets. But the brand doesn’t limit itself to just one category. It also creates an assortment of kitchen tools and utensils. And the best in Le Creuset’s collection is the Revolution, a hybrid spoon and spatula that measures 12.5 inches, which means it can really dive deep, and features an ergonomic handle that’ll reduce any strain while stirring.  

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $36

Faay Teak Wooden Spoon Spatula

So you want a wooden spatula but you know you’ll be working with a cavernous stockpot? This extra-long model has you covered. Measuring a full 18 inches in length, its teak body has enough reach to stir up the deepest pots without fear of burning your fingers in whatever mixture is bubbling away. The large paddle-like head is especially adept at circulating contents, even when they’re thick and chunk—like in the case of a hearty stew. Not only will this piece likely last years with proper care, but you can rest easy knowing that it was carved from sustainably harvested wood in Thailand.

Buy Now on Amazon: $14

Littledeer Omelet Spatula

As any master chef or great cook will tell you, there’s an art to creating the perfect omelet. The heat, the technique and the butter to eggs ratio are all important factors. But what shouldn’t be forgotten is the right spatula. Understanding this perhaps more than most is Tom Littedeer, a designer who created the quintessential tool for whipping up eggs. He was inspired by the contours of canoe paddles, creating a curved spatula made of maple wood that’ll ensure optimal results. 

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $40

Tovolo Angled Wood Turner and Spatula 

From choppers to whisks, Tovolo creates a slew of excellent tools that’ll help you create the most delectable dishes with ease. Of course it offers wood spatulas of different varieties, the kinds of devices that are made of durable materials and feature sleek silhouettes. But the one that tops our list is this option. With its angled head, slender handle and 12.5-inch length, this olive wood spatula will make a great addition to your kitchen collection. 

Buy Now on Bloomingdale’s: $12

Moonwood Walnut Wood Spatula

Nothing about Moonwood’s spatula is run-of-the-mill, and that’s part of its charm. Handmade in Turkey from the finest walnut wood, it spans just over 10 inches and has a unique silhouette with a flat edge and thick handle. This means the multi-purpose tool can tackle all manner of tasks, including stirring, tasting, flipping, crushing and so on. What’s more, it’s nice and gentle on your cookware and can be used on anything from Teflon to cast iron.

Buy Now on Amazon: $14

Gharyan Stoneware Serving Spatulas

Intended to reflect the mineral clay used in Mediterranean earthenware, the surface quality of this olive wood spatula already places this spatula in a league of its own. But factor in the fork-shaped head, and you have something truly unique. It is the kind of design that you just want to show off at your next dinner party.

Buy Now on West Elm: $24

OXO Wood Turner and Spatula

If you’re looking for standard wood spatula, something without any bells and whistles but will still do the job, take a gander at this option from OXO, a brand that’s synonymous with quality kitchen tools. It will stir, flip, mix and do all that a spatula needs to do. But what puts it on this list are the grips of the handles, minimizing accidents that can occur while cooking. 

Buy Now on OXO: $8

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