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The Best Zombie Glasses for Serving Tiki Cocktails, Highballs and More

Because a tipple always tastes better when sipped from the correct glass.

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In 1934, Donn Beach served the first zombie to help a hungover customer get through a business meeting. Since then, the zesty rum-based cocktail has been alleviating—or more likely creating—hangovers the world over. The tiki tipple can be served in anything, from a faux skull to a pineapple, but is best when sipped from a dedicated zombie glass.

Otherwise known as a highball glass, this specialty tumbler is straight and narrow with a small-ish mouth. It’s oft used for drinks that are served on the rocks and have more mixers than spirits as you can easily stir with a straw. In addition to zombies, highballs can be used for other long drinks, like the Collins, mojitos, Bloody Marys and, of course, the whiskey highball. They typically hold roughly 10 oz, which should be more than enough zombie juice to get you through any meeting.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best sets of zombie glasses on Amazon to add to your home bar (or office).

1. Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses

For more than a century, Stolze has been producing high-quality glassware and this set of six Collins glasses is no exception. Each tumbler is diamond cut from lead-free crystalline glass and fire polished for maximum durability. With a 14.25 oz capacity, each highball has a heavy bottom to prevent breakages and can be thrown in the dishwasher straight after use. Perfect if you’re planning to enjoy a few zombies. In addition to that practicality and strength, the set is also stylish. Each glass is sleek, elegant and will add a touch of class to any tipple.

Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses


Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses: $47.99

2. Viski Crystal Highball Glasses

Since you’re serving a fun cocktail, why not pick an equally fun glass? Like Viski’s quirky highballs. Each glass features a unique faceted design and precise lines for a truly distinct silhouette. These angular ridges also ensure the glass stays nice and secure in your hand even when slippery or wet. Crafted from premium lead-free crystal, each glass can comfortably hold up to 14 oz. The highballs also offer perfect clarity, so you can really appreciate your colorful cocktail. This pair will stand out from the pack without being tacky.

Viski Crystal Highball Glasses


Viski Crystal Highball Glasses: $43.19

3. JoyJolt Cosmos Highball Glasses

JoyJolt’s highball glasses are by far the largest on our list and are capable of holding an epic 18.5 oz each. This makes the set of four perfect for cocktail enthusiasts. Each glass features a bulbous round base that helps with stability and also creates an interesting shape. They’re plenty durable, too. Crafted from premium non-lead crystal, the tumblers are dishwasher safe and won’t scratch easily. This means you can continue to enjoy zombies out of these glasses for many years to come. In addition to cocktails, the versatile design is also great for water, juice, beer or milkshakes.

JoyJolt Cosmos Highball Glasses


JoyJolt Cosmos Highball Glasses: $29.95

4. Marquis by Waterford Collins Glasses

The fastest way to fancy up a cocktail is to put it in some Waterford crystal. Handcrafted, this set of four Collins glasses is finished to the nth degree. Each 13-oz highball is made from the finest lead-free crystal and features a stylish diamond-inspired pattern. Like all Waterford glassware, they have a decent amount of weight and stability, but it is still recommended that you handwash each glass. This set promises to add sophistication to every cocktail hour, even if you are drinking zombies.

Marquis by Waterford Collins Glasses


Marquis by Waterford Collins Glasses: $61.90

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