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From a $192 Million Superyacht to a Gold Rubik’s Cube: 10 Bonkers Items You Can Buy on Hush Hush

Because who wouldn't want a crystal-encrusted Hoover?

Hush Hush Items Hush Hush

Despite its moniker, Hush Hush is making some serious noise among the well-heeled shoppers of the world. Billed as the Amazon for millionaires, the retail platform is full to the brim with top-tier luxury products and experiences that typically sport a seven-figure price tag.

The site also offers a concierge-style personal shopper service to ensure you never miss out on the big-ticket items you’ve been coveting. In short, the team will work to find whatever you desire, no matter the cost or exclusivity.

From multimillion-dollar superyachts to your own private island, we’ve curated 10 of the most elaborate rarities currently on the site to give you a taste for the bonkers range of products. You know, in case you have a few mil to burn.

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