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The 35 Best Gift Ideas for Dads, From Sleek Grills to Stylish Suitcases

Dads are hard people to shop for. This list makes finding the perfect gift easy.

gift ideas for dad

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Your dad may simultaneously be the easiest and the hardest person to shop for on your list. Prime example: Every year, my own dad insists he “wants nothing.” No amount of prodding or questioning will lead to any hints or ideas. He’s laid-back and relatively old-school: When it comes to birthdays, holidays and, well, any gift-giving occasion, he “just wants you there.” It’s a gracious approach—one that doesn’t entirely help when I’m searching for something more thoughtful than the year before.

Of course, every year a gift is found, and this holiday season will be no different. I’ve learned to read between the lines and take notes when he speaks about a subject with keen interest. I pretty much know the kind of man he is—and fully cater to that.

And if you’re searching for the best Christmas and holiday gifts for a ceratin type of dad—from the outdoorsman to the design junkie to the at-home chef and beyond—we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the perfect shirt, new tech actually worth investing in and the tastiest Japanese whiskey, all which are sure to delight. In fact, save a few gift ideas for his birthday. There’s no harm in starting early.

Best Gift for Homebodies

The Elder Statesman Cashmere Sweater


There’s no replacement for a luxurious cashmere knit for the winter months. For the dad who appreciates comfort all season long, we recommend Greg Chait’s hand-loomed yarns, all made in Los Angeles with TLC.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $995

Best Gift for Grill Masters

The Big Green Egg Grill


The Big Green Egg has been a legend in the world of kamado grills since its debut in the 1970s. Why? Its ceramic walls slowly grill, smoke or bake for intensely flavorful results. In recent years, it has inspired plenty of copies, but no true competitors.

Buy Now on Ace Hardware: $1,000

Best Gift for Wellness Gurus

Gucci Oura Ring


For the dad looking for a personalized, science-based approach to wellness, the Gucci Oura Ring provides sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring, seven temperature sensors and responsive scores to each wearer’s individual patterns—along with Gucci’s signature monogram in yellow gold, of course.

Buy Now on Gucci: $950

Glenfiddich Grand Cru

This exclusive Glenfiddich expression has been matured for 23 years in American and European oak casks and elegantly finished in rare French cuvee casks. Give the gift of an elevated sipping experience and toast excellence with every sip this holiday season.

Buy Now on Glenfiddich

Best Gift for Photographers

Leica M11 Camera


With its iconic design, color quality and bayonet lens, the Leica M has been a legend in the world of photography since the 1950s. The point-and-shoot used by James Bond and Jason Mamoa received an update this year with the release of the M1, a camera that’s received praise for its high resolution, long-lasting battery, subtle color gradient and deeply intuitive features.

Buy Now on Adorma: $8,995

Best Gift for Weekend Getaways

Montblanc Meisterstuck Duffle Bag


Here’s an option for the dad who jets to East Hampton or Santa Monica the second the office closes. This calf-leather duffle bag is ideal for short trips and weekends away, with all the details and fine craftsmanship—think hand-stitching, handles that recall the shape of Montblanc’s iconic nib and a secure closure with a lock and key—the German label is known for.

Buy Now on Montblanc: $2,015

Best Gift for a Fresh Face

The Art of Shaving Full -Size Kit in Sandalwood


Upgrade his grooming routine with The Art of Shaving’s sandalwood kit, complete with all the elements for a smooth, barbershop-quality classic shave. The bundle includes pre-shave oil, a genuine badger hair shaving brush and after-shave balm. The sandalwood also serves a double purpose: it leaves a subtle woodsy scent and nourishes dry skin.

Buy Now on The Art of Shaving: $95

Best Gift for Artisanal Coffee Drinkers

Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Maker


The Moccamaster, an at-home drip coffee maker, is considered best-in-class for a number of reasons: It’s smooth, seamless and built to last. In fact, the device is so good that it’ll replace his morning coffee run.

Buy Now on Bespoke Post: $350

Best Gift for Outdoorsmen

Zenga Quilted Hooded Down Ski Jacket


Zegna just dropped its outdoors collection, and true to form, the Italian luxury label’s line is fit for rigorous cold weather. Looking for the ski apparel that toes the line between the tasteful and the technical? We point you to the quilted hooded down ski jacket, which features a water-resistant finish, soft down for insulation and snaps that fasten to keep the snow out.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $1,990

Best Gift for Wanderlusters

Vacation Resort Candles


Vacation’s trio of luxury candles candles are as tongue-and-cheek as they are blissfully nostalgic, reminiscent of a 1980s holiday dreamscape. Each scent gives a room a specific resort appeal: Suite calls to mind fresh linens, Lobby echos an ocean breeze and Pool Boy permeate an air of coconut and beach towels.

Buy Now on Vacation: $96

Best Gift for Hikers

Patagonia Retro Pile Jacket


This recycled wool fleece jacket is a classic: It’s warm, seamlessly moves from mountain to office and is Fair Trade certified, integrating recycled materials for a conscious appeal. Update dad’s essentials this holiday season, starting with this versatile and incredibly insulating topper.

Buy Now on Backcountry: $149

Best Gift for Whiskey Connoisseurs

Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


Japanese whiskey has taken off over the last few years, and Suntory’s Yamazaki 12 Year Old malt whiskey may be the definitive single-mark rendition. Equally as popular in the US as it is in Japan, the bottle features well-rounded oaky undertones and fruit-forward traits.

Buy Now on Caskers: $198

Best Gift to Mitigate Stress

The Nue Co. Water Therapy Fragrance


With the pressures of modern life, who couldn’t use an added tool to relieve stress? That’s the promise of the Nue Co.’s Water Therapy fragrance, which is engineered to mimic the soothing effect of water and usher your dad into a Zen state. It probably won’t replace Xanax any time soon, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Buy Now on The Nue Co.: $95

Best Gift for Commuters

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700


When you’re on a plane, bus or train, nothing is more valuable than a moment of quiet and calm. The best solution may be the latest over-ear headphones from B, which are more comfortable than similar models on the market. Also, its sound quality and noise-canceling function are bar none, making any commute less stressful.

Buy Now on Amazon: $379

Best Gift for the Business Travelers

Rimowa Classic Cabin Suitcase


When it comes to luggage, Rimowa is in a league of its own. The brand’s classic hard shell, with its iconic high-gloss aluminum, is engineering at its finest. Spring for the Classic Cabin for the dad whose frequent business trips are in need of a little upgrade.

Buy Now on Rimowa: $1,475

Best Gift for Effortless Dressing

Todd Snyder Classic Fit Banker Stripe Poplin Shirt


Feast your eyes on this crisp, 100 percent cotton shirt in blue stripes with just the right cut. It’s also machine-washable, making it perfect for the man who has no interest in frequenting the dry cleaner.

Buy Now on Todd Snyder: $148

Best Gift for Pet Parents

Tod’s Pet Leash

Has your role as dad’s favorite child been usurped by a four-legged animal? Does he shower his canine companion with all the attention in the world? The best gift for him, then, is a designer pet leash. And this one from Tod’s, purveyor of the finest Italian leather, is definitely the best in show.

Buy Now on Tod’s: $445

Best Gift for Comfort Kings

Loro Piana My Doggie Cashmere Throw Blanket

Loro Piana

Speaking of man’s best friend, Loro Piana’s incredibly luxurious throw blanket is warm, cozy and incredibly comforting; he’ll feel like he’s snuggling with his favorite child (see above). But we expected nothing less from the label synonymous with the finest and plushest knits.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $2,075

Best Gift for Fitness Fiends

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell


For dads looking to get in tip-top shape at their home gym, Bowflex’s SelectTech 840 kettlebell is exactly what he needs. Not only does it take up minimal space, it provides six different weights that can be adjusted with the click of a button. Also, the device allows users to tackle all muscle groups, which means he doesn’t need anything else to get the toned physique he desires.

Buy Now on Walmart: $149

Best Gift for Musicians

Gibson Custom M2M 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue Gloss Electric Guitar


Jimmy Page, Slash and Bob Marley are just a few rock stars that have strummed one of Gibon’s electric guitars. And one of the most celebrated designs from the brand, a guitar that any musician worth their picks and licks will extol, is Les Paul. And if your dad is looking to relive his garage band days, this model, cast in rich cherry varnish, is easily the most stylish option.

Buy Now on Guitar Center: $6,699

Best Gift for Loungers

Bottega Veneta Woven Slippers


Woven in Bottega Venetta’s signature Intrecciato, these black leather slippers are as elegant as they are comfortable. They’re great for lounging at home, a chic enough to be worn with a cuffed trouser and nifty button-down for a night on the town.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $2,900

Best Gift for Audiophiles

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable


Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO is a malleable, belt-driven turntable with 33, 45 and 78 speeds. It has shockingly good sound quality for the price—and it doesn’t look bad either. Style absolutely meets substance with this device.

Buy Now on Ssense: $600

Best Gift for Dads on the Run

Ember Travel Mug


This smart mug is, simply put, a cut above the rest. Its no-fuss, temperature-regulating functions will keep beverages hot or cold for up to three hours—and it’s super easy to clean. Give it to the man who values style and is ready to say goodbye to single-use plastics.

Buy Now on Ember: $200

Best Gift for Traditionalists

Thom Browne Micro-Stripe Classic Tie


When it comes to a good tie, there’s options from Hermès, Charvet and a handful of Italian labels. But for an artfully-crafted rendition designed stateside, Thom Browne’s immaculate, thin-cut version—which is as traditional as it is subtly subversive—is our top pick.

Buy Now on Farfetch: $280

Best Gift for Cinephiles

XGIMI Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector


When it comes to watching movies, true cinephiles know that the bigger the screen, the better. Whether it’s a classic from Hollywood’s Golden Era or a new indie release, this projector will really heighten the viewing experience. Plus, the device is portable, which means dear old dad can enjoy his favorite flick anywhere. All he needs is a wall.

Buy Now on Amazon: $849

Best Gift for Bathroom Buffs

Tekla Off-White and Green Organic Three-Piece Towel Set


Tekla consistently offers the most elegant towels on the market. They’re tasteful, refined and, frankly, what every stylish dad needs hanging in his bathroom.

Buy Now on Ssense: $145

Best for Wistful Alpine Adventurers

The Alps 1900. A Color Portrait.


For the dad who loves alpine escapes and appreciates the history of skiing, this first-edition of Taschen’s The Alps 1900. A Color Portrait will be right up his alley. It showcases a beautiful journey of yesteryear, filled with illustrations, photographs and photochroms from pristine sites, ranging from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn.

Buy Now on Taschen: $200

Best Gift for Men of Leisure

Saint Laurent Eyewear Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses


These Saint Laurent sunglasses—made in Italy from polished black acetate and fitted with dark-gray lenses—is the ideal frame for a long, indulgent drive with the top down. Or sitting at a corner cafe, sipping on cappuccino.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $395

Best Gift for Fervent Phone Users

Nimble Champ Portable Charger


Minimal, ultra-light (only 6.4 ounces to be exact) and with 10,000 mAh of battery power, Nimble’s Champ has enough charge to revive your phone several times. It’s fit with both a USB-A and USB-C port, making it one of the most practical gifts you can give this season.

Buy Now on Nimble: $30

Best Gift for Sommeliers

L’atelier Du Vin Silver Oeno Collection


For the dad who is as astute with presentation as he is with the quality of the wine he’s serving, these beautifully designed bar products are just what he needs. Included in the set is an elegant corkscrew, pouring leaf with an aerating over-mouth, foil cutter and more. Even if he isn’t actually a sommelier, he can definitely play the part with this gift.

Buy Now on Ssense: $240

Best Gift for Grooming Gods

Jackfir The Classic Daily Cleanser


Update your dad’s grooming routine with this clean (meaning toxin-free and environmentally-sound) facial cleanser, developed to fully hydrate and exfoliate skin. Ingredients include jojoba beads, natural fruit enzymes, soothing aloe and a natural scent with notes of cedarwood.

Buy Now on Jackfir: $40

Best Gift for Shirt Enthusiasts

Tomorrows Laundry Essentials Club


Here’s a monthly subscription service that brings high-quality, Peru-milled cotton shirts to his door. It’s the ideal gift for the man who has zero interest in shopping, but very much appreciates a fresh, perfectly-fit tee.

Buy Now on Tomorrow Laundry: $75 (Monthly)

Best Gift for Skiers

Blackcrows Vertis Skis


Blackcrows is run by professional freeskiers in the French Alps. The brand’s technical precision and bold approach comes through in their resort 2023 collection, which includes the powerful Vertis, a set of skis that’s perfect for edge-to-edge transition.

Buy Now on Blackcrows: $750

Best Gift for Sunbathers

Dune The Gang Gels


Launched this year, Dune seeks to address some key gaps in the sunscreen market—namely, the lack of innovation and practicality in a space divided by mainstream brands with toxic ingredients and packaging aimed for women. The series they developed—including an invisible gel sunscreen—is seamless and effective enough to get the dad who can never quite be bothered to apply SPF to finally give it a try.

Buy Now on Dune Suncare: $69

Best Gift for Foodies

Real Oyster Cult Membership


For the dad with a taste for the finer things, we recommend Real Oyster Cult’s monthly membership, which can be tailored to his taste. The first box comes complete with gloves and a shucking knife, setting you up for an at-home oyster bar experience.

Buy Now on Real Oyster Cult: From $48 (Monthly)

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