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The 35 Best Gifts for Coworkers That They’ll Actually Want

Celebrate your colleagues with these excellent finds. 

best gifts for coworkers

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During the Before Times, when a global pandemic wasn’t even a figment of our imaginations, office culture was strong. We’d meet coworkers in the communal kitchen, take quick lunch breaks together, hear about each other’s weekends and drink away the day’s drama at happy hour. Slowly, after two years of isolation and working from home, we are getting back to this type of intimate professional setting. We are now interacting IRL. 

In shared office spaces, we witness firsthand the constant shifts in moods and energies. We are able to see our coworkers as humans with passions and problems—something that can never be fully communicated through a screen. They become an integral part of our day-to-day, there to commiserate over deadlines and celebrate company wins. Colleagues become a chosen family of sorts. And we can think of no better way to honor this bond than with a great item that speaks to their personality. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. From designer mugs and notebooks to sleek gadgets and grooming essentials, we gathered the best gifts for coworkers

Best Gift for Forgetful Folks

Apple AirTag (4-Pack)


Are your coworkers constantly coming back from a trip kicking their feet because they lost their wallet at a terminal? Are they always in search for their keys, trying to figure out where they saw it last? Are they prone to losing their bags? What they need more than anything are AirTags, a handy device that lets forgetful folks keep track of the personal belongings that tend to disappear.

Buy Now on Walmart: $99

Best Gift for Rummagers

Cuyana Mini Leather Organizer Set

Aside from AirTags, the other way to make sure possessions don’t get lost is to keep everything organized from the start. This is where Cuyana’s compact set, comprised three framed leather cases, comes in. They’ll hold all the necessities, allowing your coworker to find whatever they’re looking for with minimal effort.

Buy Now on Cuyana: $198

Best Gift for Restless Sleeping

Hatch Restore Reading Light, Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm Clock


If your coworker’s sleeping habits are out of whack, Hatch has an all-in-one device that’ll set things right. There’s an alarm function that mirrors a sunrise, which supports proper cortisol levels; a sound system that plays rhythms, which increases the production of melatonin; and a soft reading light that won’t strain the eyes in the least. It’ll definitely brighten their disposition in the office.

Buy Now on Nordstrom: $130

Heaven’s Door Decade Series Release #01: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This 10-Year Straight Bourbon (100 proof) from Dylan’s awarded whiskey brand is the first release in a trailblazing new collection, all aged for a decade or more. Each release is the result of a labor of dedication and patience, telling a story about the importance of time, age, and maturation.

Buy Now on Heaven’s Door: $95

Best Gift for Consummate Decorators

Marham Angles Pillow


If your coworker has turned their cubicle or office into a home away from home, a decorative pillow is the best gift for them. Topping our list is this one from Maharam, which will add a bit of color and visual interest to a desk chair without overwhelming the entire space. There’s a reason for this stylish look: none other than fashion designer Paul Smith worked with the brand on the project.

Buy Now on DWR: $200

Best Gift for Note-Takers 

Dior Blue Toile de Jouy Notebook


There’s always one coworker obsessively taking notes at meetings. They probably also have perfect handwriting—a lost art in this day and age. Speaking of art, Dior’s Blue Toile de Jouy notebook, a hardcover filled with 72 pages of lined paper, is adorned in the maison’s timeless toile de jouy print, the iconic motif first seen on the walls of Monsieur Dior’s first boutique in Paris on 30 Avenue Montaigne. It’s a gift that’s as elegant as it is evergreen. 

Buy Now on Dior: $80

Best Gift for Unpredictable Weather

Longchamp Le Pilage Umbrella


Since 1948, Longchamp has produced an array of high-quality leather and canvas accessories—namely its iconic Le Pilage bag. Today, we’re highlighting an interpretation of the style in umbrella form, perfect for your coworker who always gets caught in a rainstorm without one. Available in gun metal grey or desert beige, it features a retractable shaft, a round handle in maple wood and durable wrist strap.

Buy Now on Longchamp: $85

Best Gift for Caffeine Fiends

Balenciaga Cities Coffee Cup


Designer coffee is now a thing thanks to French presses, percolators, home espresso machines and more. This means that designer coffee cups are also a thing. For those that are obsessed with both, we present to you the Balenciaga coffee cup. If the brand’s designer, Demna, stamp of approval is not enough to convince you, the porcelain style features a logo and the name of one of the world’s fashion capitals—from Paris and Shanghai to New York and Tokyo. Available in either black or white, it also includes a lid made of thermoplastic elastomer, created to minimize spills. It’s perfect for holding holiday hot cocoa, too.

Buy Now on Balenciaga: $110

Best Gift for Trendsetters  

Tribeca Pouch Messenger Bag


We all have that one coworker who enters the office clutching the latest and greatest styles. And what’s hot right now is men wearing bright shoulder bags. This one from Marni is as sleek and cool as it is eye-catching. It features a slew of pockets, compartments and a detachable shoulder strap—the perfect accessory for walking the streets of Tribeca or any fashionable haunt. 

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $450

Best Gift for Travelers

Aesop Departure Travel Kit


Maintaining a moisturized glow while traveling can be difficult, which is why travel-sized essentials aimed at cleansing and hydrating is the way to go. For the one who volunteers for all the offsite meetings, give them the Aesop Departure travel kit to keep their skin moisturized and oral hygiene in check. Included are small versions of some of Aesop’s best-sellers, like the Resurrection rinse-free hand wash, Resurrection Aromatique hand balm, Blue Chamomile facial hydrating masque, Immediate Moisture facial hydrosol, Cedar & Citrus lip salve, mouthwash (with hints of anise, close and spearmint) and toothpaste (with a touch of cardamom).  

Buy Now on Aesop: $60

Best Gift for Audiophiles 

Ugg Sheepskin Bluetooth Earmuffs


The cooler months are here, which for some coworkers unfortunately means sacrificing warmth for the latest podcast or album release. Those that typically skip wearing earmuffs due to headphones no longer have to freeze. Ugg’s Bluetooth earmuff, available in chestnut brown or black, feature built-in wireless headphones, is ready to do both tricks. Plus, what says holiday cheer more than chic sheepskin? 

Buy Now on Ugg: $115

Best Gift for Hand Shakers

Chanel Le Lift La Crème Main Hand Cream 


Chanel’s restoring hand cream is a potent and gentle solution for the coworker who shakes everyone’s hands and washes theirs right after—but also aims to keep them hydrated and smooth. The quick-absorbing formula with natural alfalfa and licorice extract, which is as effective as retinol, will reduce the appearance and texture of dryness and overall aging. Compact and small at 1.7 ounces, this skincare companion also travels well.

Buy Now on Chanel: $65

Best Gift for the Scent Obsessed

Diptyque Baies/Berries Home Diffuser


Working in a confined space means you share not only thoughts and ideas, but also scents. For the coworker that adamantly lights a candle or sprays a room throughout the day, this Diptyque diffuser is a wonderful treat for you both. The gift box includes a decorative glass container, a glass jar of the scent of your choice, a funnel for ease and a handful of luxe reed sticks.

Buy Now on Diptyque Paris: $190

Best Gift for Prepared Lunches

Prada Stainless Steel Sandwich Box


For the coworker that brings their own lunch, this gift is iconique. Miuccia Prada-approved, this stainless steel sandwich box in steel is part of a collaboration with Black + Blum. Original in design and made with environmentally-responsible materials, it features a bamboo lid, a silicone strap around its core and, of course, an engraved Prada logo. For the holidays, we recommend placing a simple red bow on top for a festive touch.

Buy Now on Prada: $140

Best Gift for Schleppers

MZ Wallace City Backpack


Gone are the days of arriving at the office with a clunky briefcase or a tiny bag that barely fits a computer. Even though city slickers are practical with how they commute, they also want an accessory that’s chic. This is where the MZ Wallace bag comes in. The City backpack—and its scaled-down sister version, the Metro backpack—is lightweight, spacious and stylish, featuring a quilted exterior, a removable zip-up and clip-in pouch and a 13-inch laptop sleeve inside.

Buy Now on MZ Wallace: $245

Best Gift for the Chapstick Crusader

Hermès Rouge Hermès Lip Care Balm


Chapped lips are not a welcome sight in the office, and for the coworker who regularly applies their favorite lip balm, it’s time to upgrade. Behold the luxurious Rouge Hermès lip care balm by Hermès. Inside a magnetic and refillable case, which can also hold the brand’s lipstick line, is a natural and non-shiny formula made of beeswax and candelilla wax.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $69

Best Gift for the Desk Dom or Diva  

Jonathan Adler Op Art Rectangle Tray


The tidy coworker in your office often who has paper clips and push pins would do well with this groovy ceramic tray from Jonathan Adler. Modern and sleek, this item is made of high-fired porcelain with solid gold accents that give it a graphic edge. Good as a catchall design and even better as an accent, this piece definitely has desk appeal.

Buy Now on Jonathan Adler: $75

Best Gift for the Office Breakout Star

Zitsticka Killa Kit


Zitsticka has unveiled a suite of scientific products aimed at combating breakouts and irritated skin caused by stress, hormone changes and more. For your office pal who has pesky breakouts, we recommend the brand’s Killa Kit patches, available in packs of four, 8 or 20. Designed with microdart technology that features tiny darts under a seamless, near-invisible patch, the dermatologist-backed ingredients will fill a targeted area in two hours and clear up zits in no time.

Buy Now on Zitsticka: $63

Best Gift for the Wanderluster

The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul by Assouline


Instead of looking at Instragram, temporarily quench your coworker’s wanderlust with Assouline’s The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul. From the comfort of their own home, allow your office mate to travel from the Alps to Tuscany, guided by the photographer Aline Coquelle and aristocrat Count Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli. 

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for the Charger Borrower      

Native Union Snaps 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger


This item from Native Union is an ideal setup for your coworker who’s always asking to borrow your charger. Whether it’s for their phone, watch or earphones, this new three-in-one magnetic wireless charger will keep their battery alive. It also features a stand that is equipped with stations for all gadgets.  

Buy Now on Amazon $180

Best Gift for the Wellness Champion  

Ricari Studios Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Oh, Ricari Studios, how you’ve changed us for the better. Ever since receiving a lymphatic drainage massage at Ricari Studios—which has services in Los Angeles, New York, and London, with pop-ups often sprinkled in—its wellness benefits has been top of mind. Founded by Anna Zahn, the wellness studio notably works with a customizable icoone laser to relax and rejuvenate skin, muscle, and circulation through a tailored lymphatic drainage massage. Through a package treatment of your coworker’s choice, they might also slip into a BallancerPro compression suit, enjoy an In Fiore face sculpt session and relax with aromatherapy.

Buy Now on Ricari Studios: From $100

Best Gift for the Over-Stressed

MoonJuice SuperYou


It’s Monday in the office, and the long week ahead is kicking in. Sure, the weekend was great, but it’s back to work—and back to doing what you love. Even though doing what you love for work has its benefits, stress is unavoidable. For the coworker that preaches this idea, slip MoonJuice’s best-kept secret, SuperYou, onto their desk. Created as a daily anti-stress supplement, SuperYou will improve their energy, focus and overall mood with its unique blend of potent adaptogens, including wildcrafted rhodiola, shatavari, ashwagandha and amla.

Buy Now on MoonJuice: $49

Best Gift for the Sticky Note Advocate

Gucci Hexagon Sticky Notes


Sticky notes were all the rage in the 1990s and 2000s, and some workers today remain loyal to them. For those who just can’t quit sticking paper on their computer, desk, door or screen, gift them a chic version from Gucci. Sophisticated and geometric, this item features the brand’s storied “GG” motif on its exterior, encasing  220 pages of lined sticky notes with a green and red web and horsebit print.

Buy Now on Gucci: $200

Best Gift for the Lazy Cook

No-Recipe Recipes by The New York Times Cooking


When it’s time to leave work and head home, there are many of us who prefer food delivery services. For those who prefer to cook, The New York Times offers No-Recipe Recipes, comprised of 100 simple, fast and delicious concoctions that are easy to throw together with just a few accessible ingredients. There’s fried rice, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and, perfect for the season, a couple of holiday recipes.

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $28

Best Gift for the Perfect Coif

Oribe Holiday Collection


Teased hair on Monday, a braid on Tuesday, ringlet curls on Wednesday, straightened hair on Thursday and a messy bun on Friday: You know who gets the award for “best hair,” and you also know that there’s likely a lot of upkeep for that updo. For them, the ultimate gift is Oribe’s latest holiday collection—featuring limited-edition artwork by the artist Kohei Kyomori—that’ll help restore those locks and more. In the kit, the brand’s signature shampoo and conditioner are coupled by a Côte d’Azur body wash and cream that evokes the French Riviera. As gorgeous to the touch as it is to smell, this special holiday collection is a beauty editor favorite for a reason.

Buy Now on Oribe: $185

Best Gift for Breakfast Fans

Takashi Murakami x Smart Magazine Pancake Maker Set


Some are great at eating breakfast in the morning at home. Others scarf down a granola bar between meetings at work. If you know an A-plus coworker who falls into the former camp, the Takashi Murakami pancake pan is for them. Designed by the famous contemporary Japanese artist, in collaboration with Smart Magazine, this two-set pancake maker features motifs of the artist’s work. The first recognizable design is of his classic manga flower, while the other is his more recent pixelated version—lately made into a NFT project.

Buy Now on Stockx: $39

Best Gift for Insomniacs

Lunya Weighted Washable Silk Sleep Mask


We’ve all been guilty of arriving at the office with little to no sleep. For those that need extra help getting some shut-eye, Lunya is here to help. Made of silk and available in three colorways, this mask is filled with sustainable glass beads that cool the face like none other. For a quick refresh, the washable design just needs to be run under cool water, making them good as new.

Buy Now on Lunya: $88

Best Gift for the Earphone Displacer

Rimowa Airpods Case


Rimowa’s AirPod holder is a great way to encourage your coworker not lose their headphones. Designed to match the undeniably cool Rimowa iPhone cases, it’s made from a grooved black polycarbonate material and features the brand’s eye-catching monogram motif. 

Buy Now on Rimowa: $105

Best Gift for the Musically Minded

Crosley Cruiser Plus Turntable


Crosley’s turntable is an ideal choice for your music-loving workmate, especially one who appreciates old-school materials and new-age technology. Available in two colors, the three-speed record player features full-range stereo speakers, an adjustable pitch control, aux input, RCA output, headphone jack, cueing lever and Bluetooth capability.

Buy Now on Nordstrom: $80

Best Gift for the Spirits Know-It-All

Nocheluna Sotol


Recently, at an event in Brooklyn, Lenny Kravitz greeted a crowd for the sotol brand Nocheluna. Most guests were unfamiliar with sotol, but they were more than ready try it at the recommendation of Kravitz. As the brand’s latest collaborator, he ushered a group over to cocktails and began describing the taste—smooth, smokey and surprising. This gift is the perfect choice for your coworker who seemingly knows all there is to know about imbibing. Plus, who isn’t looking for new ways to spice up a holiday drink?  

Buy Now on Reserve Bar: $73

Best Gift for the Perfume Addict

Loewe Limited-Edition Fragrance Discovery Set


British designer Jonathan Anderson has taken Loewe to new heights with innovative and playful collections, but his dedication to the fragrance world must not be overlooked either. A shining example is the brand’s latest fragrance set, which offers four scents in separate glass vials, including the Loewe’s classic Agua El and Agua Ella. The coworker who appreciates a good parfum will cherish these individually.

Buy Now on Loewe: $120

Best Gift for the Seasonally Sensitive

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser


Winter months mean colder temperatures and drastic changes in the air, which means the coworker that already has an air purifier, a humidifier, and a seasonal affective disorder lamp is likely on the hunt for a diffuser. That’s where the chic Vitruvi Stone Essential oil diffuser comes in. Featuring a matte ceramic exterior and available in 12 colors, the product embodies a sculptural silhouette and a functional interior, equipped to diffuse essential oils effectively.

Buy Now on Vitruvi: $123

Best Gift for Oily Complexions

Hermès Plein Air Blotting Papers


Taking a breakfast meeting before getting to the office and committing to a post-work dinner means you’re getting in early and leaving late. If this is your coworker, we recommend the Hermès Plein Air blotting papers. Created by the Hermès Beauty metiers and inspired by traditional Japanese culture, these papers, held in an orange sleeve, are perfect for touch-ups. They are made of hemp, wood pulp and soft Kozo fibers from the Japanese mulberry tree—materials that do wonders for oily complexions.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $45

Best Gift for the Snacker

Neiman Marcus Chocolate-Coated Corn Twists & Potato Crisps


If you work in a shared kitchen, it’s likely that you know who the snacker is. It’s also likely they have both a sweet and salty palette, perfect for savoring the Neiman Marcus chocolate-coated corn twists and potato crisps. An excellent two-for-one treat, this is a holiday item that they will remember eating. In a triple pack, the box includes ten-ounce cans of white fudge-covered corn twists, dark chocolate potato crisps and milk chocolate potato crisps.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $65

Best Gift for the Smoker

Yves Saint Laurent “Light My Fire” Matches


For the coworker who’s always lighting candles or rummaging through their desk for a lighter, Yves Saint Laurent has matches with the Midas touch. The fact that the label offers matches should come as no surprise, considering how it was designer Saint Laurent that pioneered the Le Smoking look. 

Buy Now on YSL: $24

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