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The 35 Best Gifts for the Movie Lover in Your Life

Film obsessives beware—your collection of movie memorabilia is about to grow tenfold.

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The only thing that movie lovers fancy more than watching the films themselves is finding the best way to show people that they know a lot about cinema. It’s why Letterboxd, one of the fastest-growing social media apps today, is solely dedicated to film reviews. Movie passions run deep—so much so that there’s an entire type of guy mocked on social media for wanting to take their date to a three-hour art house film. If you give that person a chance or need a little gift to show them that you support their addiction, this is the ultimate list.

It’s also for guys obsessed with Goodfellas, beginners just getting into movies and tech junkies who want to get as close to the action as possible. Whatever helps keep them on the edge of your seat—we’re not here to judge! Even if you’re someone who could count on one hand the number of films you’ve seen, we’ve got enough ideas, from Blu-ray box sets and quirky displays of movie knowledge to giant projector screens. All will make it seem like you’ve at least seen two handfuls of films. Below, we’ve rounded up the top 35 gifts for movie lovers.

Best for Movies On the Go

Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector


Movies should be seen on the largest screen possible. Not everyone wants a massive television screen on their wall; that’s where projectors come in. Turn any wall or black canvas into a massive display with the ultimate portable projector. This handheld film machine also uses AI technology to fit whatever size display you have—indoor or out.

Buy Now on Amazon $849

Best for Audiophiles

Sonos Arc Premium Soundbar


Installed with Dolby Atmos 3D Surround Sound technology, the Bluetooth Sonos Soundbar has become a no-brainer for homes looking for enhanced audio of any kind. Whether your focus is on music, gaming or films, listen with the best sound quality available.

Buy Now on Sonos: $899

Best for the Next Great Filmmaker

Martin Scorsese Filmmaking Masterclass

Learn from the best over at Masterclass with 30 lessons on filmmaking from the director of Goodfellas, The Departed, Taxi Driver and many more five-star classics. Plus, when you’re done listening to Marty, you can experience other classes on the subscription service from Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Howard Werner Herzog, Aaron Sorkin, Helen Mirren and countless other filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors ready to share what they’ve learned throughout their years in the industry.

Buy Now on Masterclass: $180

Best for the Family Business

The Godfather Notebook by Francis Ford Coppola


Not enough Italian film energy from Scorsese? Check out Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Notebook—a collection of meticulous notes, annotations of Mario Puzo’s novel and behind-the-scenes photos that the legendary director reportedly referenced daily while on set for the film.

Buy Now on Amazon $43

Best for Fashionable Men

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Billy Reid has outfitted the man with a license to kill, specifically Daniel Craig in Skyfall. Sporting the Bond peacoat while on a mission in Shanghai, 007 moves with ease and, of course, looks unquestionably sharp in the process. Fun fact: the topper actually gets its name from Reid’s Bond Street store in NYC, but it’ll forever be linked to Craig’s dashing turn as cinema’s greatest spy.

Buy Now on Billy Reid: $698

Best for Snackers

Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper


Ah, popcorn: The ultimate movie-watching snack. And if the movie buff in your life is looking for a no-fuss way to make some at home, Hotpop is the name to know. The brand offers a compact, heat-resistant bowl, equipped with a lid and handles, that is completely microwave-friendly. The design also allows you to add other ingredients without causing a mess. Just put in the dishwasher and call it day.

Buy Now on Amazon: $15

Best for Cultural Commentary

Spike by Spike Lee


Spike Lee is one of cinema’s greats, an auteur who’s “joints” comment on societal injustices through profound personal narratives. From She’s Gotta Have It and Do the Right Thing to Malcolm X and BlacKkKlansman, all of Lee’s 35 films (thus far) are celebrated in this tome. It includes behind-the-scenes images and stories, giving readers an inside look into some of the best films in history.

Buy Now on Barnes & Noble: $50

Best for Old-Hollywood Glamour

Oliver Peoples 50MM Cary Grant Polarized Round Sunglasses


No leading man on the silver exuded more style and charisma than Cary Grant. Indeed, his charm was only matched by his impeccably spiffy appearance. And if the movie lover in your life craves the same qualities, get him these sunglasses from Oliver Peoples, a style inspired by the ones Grant wore in North by North West.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $545

Best for Foodies

Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows by Andrew Rea


Did you salivate over the beef bourguignon from Julie & Julia? Have you always wanted to try Bubba’s shrimp from Forrest Gump? Ever wondered how to make the chocolate lava cake from Chef? Now, thanks to Binging with Babish, the popular internet cooking show, you’re able to create and taste these dishes.

Buy Now on Amazon: $15

Best for Thrill Seekers

Alfred Hitchcock: The Ultimate Collection Blu-Ray Box Set


Celebrate the master of suspense with a box set of Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography, including Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds, Rear Window, North by Northwest, and many more. The Ultimate Collection set also contains 10 episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series, and over 15 hours of interviews, documentaries and behind-the-scenes commentary.

Buy Now on Amazon $66

Best for a Packed-House on Movie Night

West Elm Simple Stripe Floor Cushion


The hardest part about a movie night for friends and family is making sure that everyone is comfortable for the next two hours or so. Movie theaters even adjusted their chairs to have more padding and an adjustable recline just to entice people to come back to the theaters. Satisfy the people who couldn’t fit on the couch with the more comfortable floor cushion.

Buy Now on West Elm: $125

Best for a Treasure Trove of Films

Annual Subscription to The Criterion Channel


If you’re a film buff, you’ve definitely heard of the Criterion Channel. It’s a whole subscription streaming service dedicated to award-winning art films from all around the world. It also houses the largest collection of black-and-white movies since the TMC classics program. Looking to watch previous Cannes Film Festival winners? Or something more niche options like the entire filmography of the late French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard? Then The Criterion Channel is your new favorite home for content.

Buy Now on The Criterion Channel: $100

Best for Sophisticated Cinephiles

Vintage Cinematography Patent Prints


This set of three prints harks back to the intricate science of film projectors, depicting kinetoscopes, film splicing and the mechanisms of movie reels in fine detail. Framed in anything from bold walnut to rich oak, these classy art prints could add a mature touch to anyone looking to age up from an overgrown Funko Pop collection and Baby Yoda plushy. Not that we don’t want those, too.

Buy Now on Etsy: $156

Best for Bringing the Movies Outside

Talvania Giant Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen


This 30-foot inflatable display is perfect for parties, barbecues and children’s birthday events. Blow your screen up to an enormous size for a large group of guests to watch the game or have a big family movie night. Movies are better with the ones you love, so why not invite as many as possible?

Buy Now on Amazon $595

Best for Picky Popcorn Poppers

The Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter


A genius design—if you’re not someone who loves to crunch on the leftover popcorn kernels like I am. The Uncommon Goods Kernel Sifter will discard the un-popped kernels like a colander at the bottom of your bowl so you could even save them for later.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $68

Best for Privacy

Sennheiser Wireless Headphone System


Want to experience a surround sound experience without bothering everyone else in the house? The Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System not only comes with Bass Boost and a rechargeable wireless battery but also closed-back, surround sound listening modes.

Buy Now on Amazon 250 $227

Best for Staying In 

Luma Weighted Blanket 


Trap your loved ones on the couch for a season-long binge of your favorite TV show or film franchise with a comfortable weighted blanket. Luma’s option uses silk and bamboo fabric to cool and keep you comfy without overheating.

Buy Now on Amazon $110

Best for Never Leaving Your House

Bose Premium Home Theater Surround Sound System


This Bose sound system in your home is arguably the best a film can sound outside of going to the movie theater. Complete with a sound bar, two surround sound speakers, and a subwoofer for deep bass, this is the sound of a movie theater at home.

Buy Now on Amazon $3999

Best for Coffee Tables

The Stanley Kubrick Archives


This massive 544-page coffee table book detailing the life and movies of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick goes through his impressive 40-plus year career. It includes artwork and screenplays of cinema’s greats like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Eyes Wide Shut, Spartacus, Dr. Strangelove and The Shining.

Buy Now on Amazon $78

Best for a Movie-Loving Couple

Patricia Carlin Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print


Add your custom movie title, stars, date and color to create your own marquee print to hang in your home. Whether it’s an anniversary or an inside joke, this cute customizable piece pays tribute to the greatest love story of all time: yours.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $125

Best for Nostalgia

Classic Popcorn Machine


Ditch the microwavable box popcorn and dip into the nostalgia of a real popcorn maker and kettle in retro gold and white. It also comes with a candy dispenser and interior lights.

Buy Now on Amazon $270

Best for the Visionary

Casual Home Director’s Chair


Sit like a movie king and feel like you’re directing the action on your very own director’s chair. Made of standard oak and black canvas,  sit high on a piece of movie prop history that has lasted over a hundred years. 

Buy Now on Amazon 155 $96

Best for Monster Mayhem

Godzilla Showa Era 15-Film Box Set


Show your support for the king of all monsters with the Criterion Godzilla Blu-ray box set, gathering 15 of the celebrated Japanese kaiju films from 1954 to 1975. With gorgeous art and just eight discs, the sleek collection is perfect for anyone looking to go through Godzilla’s iconic and campy filmography.

Buy Now on The Criterion Collection: $180

Best for Game Night

Cinephile Movie Trivia Game


Test your knowledge of Steve Buscemi cameos and celebrity degrees of separation in this card game. With over 150 cards, there are multiple ways to play, from guessing as many films a specific actor starred in to finding the film with the most stars in your hand.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $20

Best for Completionists

Ultimate Movie-Lovers Fill-In Poster


Dive into 1,500 must-see films and check them off as you watch with this handy poster. Featuring films of every genre and decade, this massive 24-inch by 36-inch guide will help you become a movie buff in no time.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $40

Best for Fantasy Lovers

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-Ray Set


The Lord of the Rings extended director’s cut trilogy is nearly 12 hours long. For fans of the series, that’s enough movie for a lifetime. And the fact that this Blu-ray set play the series in Ultra HD means that the eye of Sauron will stare right into your soul from the screen.

Buy Now on Amazon $80

Best for the Authentic Movie Theater Experience

Red Barrel Studio Vegas Wide Genuine Leather Home Theater Sofa


Complete your home theater experience by adding the actual seats that would be manufactured and sold to an AMC or Regal movie theater near you. Available is a set of three, there would be no better way to recreate the feeling of being in a movie theater.

Buy Now of Wayfair: 3474 $2700

Best for Kids

Maddie M Personalized Family Movie Night Blanket


The personalized family movie night blanket may be a little cheesy, but young kids may think it’s cute to have their name on a blanket when you sit down as a family for some light-hearted, animated flick. Detailed like a clapperboard, the throw blanket is customizable with movie names, take numbers, scene titles, dates, and anything else you would want to be printed.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $178

Best for Collectors

TraderWhimsy Antique 1920s 16mm Film Projector


Authenticated and documented, this 1920s film projector is the real (pun intended) deal. Whether you want to try and acquire some 16mm film to use—or whether it would be the coolest display item you’ve ever owned—you can treat your home theater like a little movie museum with this piece of theater history.

Buy Now on Etsy: $175

Best Knick-Knack

Praxinoscope Animation Spinner


Oh, you mean to tell me you’ve never heard of the 1870’s Praxinoscope? It’s an optical illusion machine using real film that can project a man running, riding a horse or just about any collection of images in motion on film tape. Like a spinning flipbook, it’s one of the most fascinating inventions of the 19th century.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $100

Best for Enetering the 21st Century 

Kodak 8mm Digital Film Scanner


For the movie buff or film producer with reels still at home, join us in the year 2022 with this 8mm digital film scanner. This nifty machine can scan analog film strips and convert them into digital files on an SD card for instant viewing.

Buy Now on Amazon $400

Best Television

Roku 50-Inch LED Television


Roku Smart LED television screens now have streaming services just built right into the display, making them incredibly easy to surf around and find the perfect movie. Roku also makes the Alto sound bar for an additional fee that can enhance the sound of your next TV binge.

Buy Now on Amazon $300

Best Repurposed Furniture

Breck Armstrong Film Reel Table


Ceramicist Breck Armstrong turns old 1930s film reels into beautifully modern aluminum and glass side tables, perfect for a home theater or movie lover’s furniture collection. Because of the nature of the materials, the table is also made from completely recycled resources.

Buy Now on Uncommon Goods: $850

Best for Popcorn Munchers

Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Variety Box 


The only thing better than gourmet popcorn served in retro movie boxes is an assortment of seasonings to go with it. White cheddar, dill pickle and caramel are just three of the six seasonings in this box set for popcorn lovers looking to spice up their favorite movie snack.

Buy Now on Amazon $52

Best for Marvel Fans

Limited Edition Phase 1 MCU Box Set with Infinity Stone Case


Miss the good old days of early Marvel films like Iron Man, Captain America, and The Avengers? Just starting out with your MCU fandom now? The limited-edition Blu-ray box set of the first six Marvel films is the perfect fan gift for that MCU-obsessed person in your life, complete with a light-up Infinity Stone case.

Buy Now on Amazon $583

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