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These Elegant Martini Glasses Were Designed to Keep Your Cocktails Cold

The glasses, part of a collaboration between Nude and No.3 Gin, have a thicker base that keeps things chill.

No. 3 Gin and Nude Glassware Courtesy of No. 3 Gin

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It certainly looks a little more sophisticated than “stubby holders”—the foam beer receptacles employed by Australians to protect their cans of VB and Toohey’s New from that part of the world’s famously intense rays.

And, this undeniably elegant-looking martini glass—created as a collaboration between premium gin brand No.3 Gin and contemporary glassware brand Nude with a view to preventing the liquid inside it from warming—seems to have scientific grounding too.

“It took a month to test three different types of glassware—plain, thick-base and ball-type,” explains Junfeng Yang, Ph.D. from the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, whose specialist field is thermal and fluid dynamics. The martini in a plain glass held its temperature for 3.4 hours while the one in our thick-base glass held for 5.4 hours.

No. 3 Gin and Nude Glassware on a tray

A bottle of No. 3 Gin next to the collaborative martini glass  Courtesy of No. 3 Gin

“When placed in the freezer, the thicker bowl acts almost as an ice cube in the drink to retain the temperature. The long stem means that your hand is never in contact with the bowl of the glass, ensuring that your hands do not warm up the liquid,” Yang says. “The coupe-style shape allows maximum contact with the liquid and the cold glass taken from the freezer. The colored glass protects the liquid from the sun as it blocks out a certain among of light particles.”

Aslı Aydoğan—the glass blower behind the whole enterprise—adds: “On this project, we made 12 different prototypes to refine elements such as glass thickness, height and color. The resulting design strikes a fine balance between a thicker base for optimum temperature retention and a delicate stem and rim.”

The glass is the latest expression of No.3’s ongoing mission to create the perfect martini—a project which has also examined mixes, ratios and garnishes in great detail.

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