15 Gifts for Animal Lovers Guaranteed to Set Tails Wagging

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There are two kinds of animal lovers—those who love having a pet and those who insist that Fido isn’t just a pet; he’s family. For the latter group, whose pets have seats (sometimes literally) at the family table, receiving an amazing gift for their furry friend can be even more satisfying than getting a great gift themselves. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 15 purrrfect gifts for the next-level animal lover in your life. From a cat swing endorsed by none other than Choupette to a dog sweater desiged by Ralph Lauren, these lavish presents are sure to get tails wagging.

Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater

Ralph Lauren

Skip the ugly Christmas sweater and opt instead for Ralph Lauren’s classic Polo Bear sweaterdog edition. Made of wool and cashmere and featuring a turtleneck and cuffed sleeves, the sweater is every bit as luxurious as the human version. Bonus points if you get the pooch’s owner a matching version for the Christmas card.

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Tiffany & Co.

There’s nothing like a little Tiffany Blue for Christmas, and while your friend’s pet may not be able to appreciate its brilliance (limited perception of color, remember?), their owner sure will. Crafted from Italian leather and featuring palladium-plated metal hardware, it’s an easy classic that will compliment any coat—of fur, that is.

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Catastrophic Creations

Does the feline lover in your life have an extra room to spare? Then why not furnish it in wall-to-wall cat “furniture”? Catastrophic Creations creates cat furniture in the form of shelves, hammocks, bridges and floating sisal poles that attach to walls, creating surfaces for cats to play and lounge on. Pieces are sold individually or as a set but can always be rearranged and modified to create an ever-evolving playground for your feline friends.

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BarkBox Subscription


The only thing better than getting gifts at the holidays is getting gifts year-round. To help you be a perennial Santa we suggest BarkBox, a subscription service that sends your pup a monthly box filled with toys and treats so they never run out of something to chew on. Boxes follow specific themes every month (think “Lick or Treat” for October or “The Barkies” during awards season) and get delivered right to the lucky recipient’s doorall the glory and none of the work for you.

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The Barkers Dog Trench Coat

Is anything more classic than a well-made trench coat? We think not, which is why it makes sense that a well-appointed pooch should have the wardrobe staple in their arsenal. Enter this cute-canine version from The Barkers. The pure wool coat comes in navy or khaki, features real horn buttons and leather buckles and is water-resistantperfect for daily walks in any weather. We only wish it came in our size.

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Cat “Caviar” Collar

Cheshire & Wain

Caviar is one of the finest foods on earth, so a caviar-inspired collar would certainly make a fitting gift for the fanciest feline in your life. For the discerning kitty, Cheshire & Wain has an entire collection of collars made of Italian leather with an embossed “caviar grain” texture and a soft British suede lining. The collars come in a variety of colors that are sure to stand out against kitty’s fur (we like the Caspian and Royal best). They also come packaged in a novelty “caviar tin” perfect for holding the actual caviar of the feline world, catnip.

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Cuddle Clones

Whether a furry friend has moved on to animal heaven or they need a mirror-like companion, Cuddle Clone’s plush, stuffed “clones” will definitely do the trick. Each Cuddle Clone is handmade to look exactly like the original pet, copying even the smallest of details to ensure the closest thing to an actual carbon copy we’ve ever seen. And they don’t just do cats and dogs; feathered friends, rabbits and others are all fair game. But be warned, the real-life inspiration may get jealous.

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Staud Pet Portrait Leather Bags


We love a good 2-in-1, and this bag from Staudwhich gives the pet lover in your life a portrait of their precious best friend *and* something to carry all the essentialsis a stand-out for the holidays. There are four leather bags to choose from in a variety of colors ranging from classic cognac to a more modern blush pink. Simply provide Staud with a full-body image of the lucky pet and prepare to win the holidays. 

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Cat Swing by Choupette Lagerfeld

LucyBalu x Choupette Swing Cat Hammock


The late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat Choupette inherited not just her owner’s undeniable chicness but also his business savvy which is why her latest venture, a furniture collab for cats, comes as no surprise. With the help of LucyBalu, a Munich-based brand that specializes in animal furniture, Chopuette developed a cat “swing” (more of a hammock if you ask us) that’s the perfect gift for your favorite feline. Made from natural, champagne melange-colored wool the cozy and stylish swing absorbs odors and retains heat, making it a wonderful gift for the holidays. After all, if it’s good enough for Karl Lagerfeld’s cat… 

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Larkspur & Hawk

Nameplate necklaces and initial rings are a dime a dozen. But we the animal lover you’re shopping for doesn’t have a Larkspur & Hawk ring. These rings take personalization a step further by incorporating not just a pet’s name, but their face. Inspired by Renaissance and 18th-century rings, these versions feature discreet sculptures of your pets on either side of a tourmaline gem (in a color of your choice) surrounded by rose-cut diamonds. Simply send in photos of your pet (or two—they can do a different animal on either side) and fill out a questionnaire about their specific quirks, and they’ll handle the rest.

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Haute House

You wouldn’t sleep on a round puffy disk on the floor, so why should the family pet? Haute House’s Gigi dog bed is not just a luxurious place for Fido to lounge on; it’s also pretty easy on the eyes for the humans in the house. If you’re looking for something a little less couch-y and with more of an actual bed feel, they also have a four-poster bed with a damask pattern, matching cushions and drapes for a little privacy.

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Rosewood Pet Vacation


A vacation is good. A vacation with your best furry friend is better. Give the animal lover on your list the vacation of a lifetime with a stay at a resort that isn’t just pet-friendly; it treats pets like VIP guests. Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas offers plenty of perks for humans, but it also includes myriad ways to pamper your pets, like special chef-prepared menus, spa treatments and portable pet cabanas to hang in the pool or beachside. There are also “dog butlers” who will take four-legged friends on daily walks on the beach, give them tailored massages and treat them to “doga” classes so they can relax. Best of all, you can focus on enjoying yourself knowing that your BFF is getting their own pampered vacation, too.

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Tuft + Paw Choco Tent

Tuft + Paw

For the cat that treasures its personal space (don’t they all), we recommend this smart and cozy tent. Made from natural materials and featuring an easily washable cushion, the tent is a comfortable resting place for kitty and a great conversation starter for you. With five neutral colors to choose from it’ll also fit in easily with any decor. 

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Dana Hawk

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these portraits are worth a thousand woofs. New York artist Dana Hawk specializes in pet portraits that capture the personality of each animal she works with. If you live in the area, Hawk will come to you to have a photo session with your pet to get images that will help her capture their essence. But don’t worry, if you’re not based in NYC, she can send you instructions and you can just send her images she can work from. Either way, she’ll capture all the subtle details that make your best friend, well, your best friend.

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Litter Robot

Litter Robot

Ask any pet owner and they’ll all agree, the worst part of pet ownership is dealing with the, ehm, waste. So why not help the cat-lover in your life out with a useful and decidedly space-age looking solution like the Litter Robot. As the name suggests, the Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box that makes changing litter a thing of the past. Equipped with a handy app that updates you on the state of your litter, it makes monitoring “things” a lot easier and less icky. Welcome to the future of poo.

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