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The 25 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers and Their Pets, From Tasty Treats to Luxe Accessories

From practical gadgets to high-end styles, check out some choice items for pet parents.

best animal lover gifts

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Animal lovers are a special breed. They consider their furry, feathered, or even scaled friends to be more like family. This means receiving an amazing gift for their loyal companion is more satisfying, more special than getting a great gift for themselves. But finding something useful and unique is no easy feat, because there are only so many times you can give them generic treats and call it a day. 

To help, we’ve rounded up 25 purrrfect gifts for the next-level animal lover in your life. From a stay at the first luxury dog hotel in the world to a collar and leash set by Tiffany & Co., these lavish presents are sure to get tails wagging.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

If you’re shopping for a tech-savvy pet owner, Tractive’s GPS tracker is a great option. Essentially a Fitbit for animals, the nifty device attaches to a cat or dog’s collar and allows the owner to follow their furry friend via smartphone. In addition to providing the animal’s exact location, the tracker shows how active they’ve been, how much rest they’ve gotten and how many calories they’ve burned. You can set goals for pets and even compete with other cats or dogs.

Buy Now on Tractive: $35


The quickest way to any cat lover’s heart is by helping with the thankless daily chores, like serving food and changing the litter. You can do exactly that by gifting them a robot or two from Autopets. The Michigan-based outfit’s $549 LitterRobot takes care of pretty much all the litter box duties, while the $249 Feeder-Robot automatically dispenses cat food at designated mealtimes. It’s automation at its best.

Buy Now on LifterRobot: $549

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain

The more water cats and dogs get, the better. That’s why a pet-friendly water fountain is a great gift for the animal lover on your list. This striking ceramic design by PetSafe will not only encourage four-legged friends to drink more, but it also makes a nice little design feature for the home, too.

Buy Now on Amazon: $90

Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere Dog Sweater

Ralph Lauren makes some of the best cable-knit sweaters around, the kinds of warm and cozy styles that you basically want to live in. You also don’t have to limit this feeling to yourself, because the brand makes pint-size versions perfect for your pup. This means any pet parent is able to coordinate with their furry babe. 

Buy Now on Ralph Lauren: $150

Serena & Lily Riviera Dog Bed

Serena & Lily is best known for its airy outdoor furniture, and the brand’s dog bed has that same sensibility. The frame is made of handcrafted rattan plus woven detailing, and the slipcover is a classic, no-nonsense gingham. Your dog may not appreciate all these small details, but you and your guests certainly will.

Buy Now on Serena and Lilly: $448

BarkBox Subscription

Treat the dog lover on your list year-round with a BarkBox subscription. Each month, the lucky recipient and their pooch will have a box filled with toys and treats delivered right to the door, so they never run out of something to chew on. Boxes follow specific themes every month (think “Lick or Treat” for October or “The Barkies” during awards season) to keep things interesting. Best of all, you get to be a perennial Santa.

Buy Now on BarkBox: From $23

Plush Cuddle Stuffed Clones

The only thing that a pet owner could ever love more than their loyal companion is a lookalike. Enter Cuddle Clones. These custom stuffed animals look exactly like the original pet. Handcrafted from the highest quality faux fur, the plush “clones” capture all of the physical details and unique features of the real-life muse. The clones aren’t just of dogs or cats, either. You can create a replica of birds, rabbits or even horses. The only thing you have to worry about is the actual animal getting jealous.

Buy Now on Cuddle Clones: 399 $249

Staud Mini Shirley Leather Bag

It’s always good when a gift can pull double duty. Staud’s custom pet bags can not only carry all your essentials, they’re a work of art, too. Each design can be emblazoned with a detailed portrait of a precious pet. There are myriad different bags to choose from in a variety of colors, though you can’t go past classic black leather. All you need to do is provide Staud with a full-body image of the pet in question and prepare to win the holidays.

Buy Now on Staud: $350

Bonne et Filou Combo Gift Pack of Three Boxes Dog Macarons Dog Macarons

Bonne et Filou is like Ladurée for dogs. It sells a range of pet-friendly macarons that make a chic little gift for any Francophile pet lover in your clique. The pet pâtisserie is handmade in the US from dog-friendly ingredients and is available in a range of different flavors, like strawberry, rose and vanilla. The gift box is a great option as it comprises three varieties to ensure ol’ Fido never gets bored. Oh là là.

Buy Now on Bonne et Filou: $80

Barbour Reversible Large Dog Blanket

Designed for dapper dogs, Barbour’s dog blanket is guaranteed to keep four-legged friends warm and comfy wherever they may be. With Barbour’s iconic tartan on one side and cozy fleece on the other, the stylish throw gives pooches a plush and preppy place to lay. Made in the UK, it spans 48 inches by 57 inches and can accommodate most dogs. It’s also machine washable, so it’ll stay nice and fresh for your pup. The best part? It’ll pair perfectly with the owner’s Barbour garb.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $100

Tuft + Paw Happy Camper Cat Bed

Cats are elusive creatures that love their personal space. That’s why Tuft + Paw’s Choco Tent makes a thoughtful gift for cat owners. Crafted from natural materials, it comes in five neutral colors that fit in easily with any decor. Inside, the easily washable cushion actually contours to your kitty’s body and acts as a comfortable resting place away from annoying humans. The whole thing takes just two minutes to assemble, which is the real gift here.

Buy Now on Tuft + Paw: $249

Frontgate Luxury Pet Feeder

Forget the humble dog bowl and opt for Frontgate’s chic feeder instead. Perfect for the canine obsessed, it will make any pooch feel like royalty. It features two dishwasher-friendly stainless-steel bowls encased in marble slab on solid hardwood. Basically, it’ll make a stylish addition to any abode. 

Buy Now on Front Gate: $125

Paul Smith Wallace Dog Socks 

Any animal lover is sure to appreciate Paul Smith’s socks. Made in Italy, the salmon crews feature a repeating dog pattern, with each canine in different playful positions. The socks are also crafted from a high-quality mercerized cotton blend for increased resistance and added color depth. Not to mention, they’re utterly adorable. If you want to go one step further, though, there are businesses, such as Porter Reid, that create custom socks with pictures of pets on them. It all depends on just how far you want to take it.

Buy Now on Bergdorf Goodman: $30

Versace Pet Waste Bag Holder and Charm

Versace’s Medusa Dog Bag Dispenser is a gift that will keep on giving—bags, that is. Made in Italy, it dispenses doggy bags whenever needed to make a certain unmentionable task somewhat more manageable. It can clip onto a belt, bag or keyring and features a snap button closure for easy refill. On top of that, it comes with a matching crystallized Medusa Medallion charm that attaches to a collar because even pups like to be coordinated.

Buy Now on Versace: $275

Fendi Dog Coat

Designer pet wear is a booming business. From Moncler to Prada, it seems every high-end label is now crafting apparel and accessories for four-legged folk. The latest line of luxury pet accessories from Fendi, which was unveiled earlier this year, makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life and will ensure Fido is at the bleeding edge of pooch fashion. The dog coat is particularly stylish. Made in Italy, it features the house’s iconic “FF” motif in shades of black and gray. Finished with a collar and removable strap, the coat is slightly padded to keep your pup nice and comfy. If you’re feeling generous, opt for the matching pet carrier.

Buy Now on 24S: $470

Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture Puffer Jacket

Sure, pups already have fur to keep them warm, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use an extra layer of protection from the elements. Luckily, Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture have just the coat to elevate any dog’s winter game. Choose from a festive reindeer print, a sweater knit pattern or a variety of solid colors in sizes ranging from Chihuahua to Weimaraner—and consider getting a matching one for the owner.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $595

Hermès Riding Saddle

Hermès has been making saddles for elite riders since 1837 and is the only maison that still produces riding gear. That’s a good thing, too, since it makes the perfect gift for equestrians. Made by hand at the Hermès atelier in Paris, each upscale leather saddle requires 25 to 35 hours of work and showcases a level of craftsmanship that’s sure to please the most discerning riders. Naturally, the saddles can be custom fitted for both the client and the horse. Now that’s what we call VIP treatment.

Buy Now on Hermes: $8,200

Tiffany & Co. Large Pet Collar and Leash

Everybody likes a little Tiffany & Co. bling come Christmas time—pets included. Treat your animal lover and their four-legged companion to this three-piece set by the storied luxury jeweler. The matching collar and leash are both crafted from Italian leather and finished in the iconic Tiffany blue. The duo also features palladium-plated metal hardware that will stand the test of time. The dog bowl, meanwhile, is bone china and is both microwavable and dishwasher safe. This lucky pooch will be the Audrey Hepburn of the dog world.

Buy Now on Tiffany & Co.: $1,005

YSL Cassandre Crossbody Bag

Walkies are no fun when you have to schlep about doggy bags and treats. That’s why a bag makes a very thoughtful gift. Made in Italy, YSL’s classic monogram belt bag can hold everything an owner needs and free up their hands for petting. Crafted from crocodile-embossed sheepskin leather, it features black metal hardware that renders both strong and chic. The unisex design also sports an adjustable pin-buckle that means it can fit all different sizes. Inside, the pocket is fitted with three card slots and offers enough space for pet-related gear. Best of all, you can use this stylish bag beyond the dog park.

Buy Now on YSL: $1,250

Catastrophic Creations Planter Lounge Cat Hammock

Cat owners are always looking for interesting new ways to spoil their beloved felines. Catastrophic Creations creates a range of stylish cat furniture that attaches to the wall to create a space for cats to both play and lounge on. Pieces are sold individually or as a set, but can always be rearranged and modified to create an ever-evolving playground for your feline friends. The hammock with a built-in planter is particularly fetching as it also adds a splash of greenery to the home.

Buy Now on Catastrophic Creations: $73

Mr. Dog Stoneware Treat Jar

While giving treats is a lot of fun, finding a place to store them can be a pain. Pups deserve better than Tupperware, after all. That’s where this stylish solution by New York outfit Mr. Dog comes in. Handcrafted by a Brooklyn ceramist, this stoneware canister will give the animal enthusiast in your midst a way to keep treats fresh without sacrificing any style points. Finished in a rich black glaze, the jar is free of any dog-related words to ensure it’s nice and subdued. That also means it can also be used to store treats for cats or even sugar cubes for horses.

Buy Now on Mr. Dog New York: $150

WagWellies by Wagwear

If the pet lover on your list has a cat or a dog that’s particularly precious, gift them a set of WagWellies by Wagwear. As the name implies, these slip-on rubber pet shoes are kind of like the Wellington boots of the animal world. Sleek and sturdy, they will protect paws from the elements. They’re also sure to make one hell of a fashion statement. WagWellies are available in a range of colors, so you can pick a set that suits Fido’s coat—of fur, that is.

Buy N0w on Wagwear: $49

Louis Vuitton Dog Bag

For the pooch on the go, Louis Vuitton offers this gorgeous dog carrier in the label’s classic monogram print. The carrier is resistant to scratches and water, equipped with a plush carpet and a soft ventilation net.

Buy Now on Louis Vuitton: $3,500

Paws by Zann Custom Oil Painting 

A surefire way to any pet owner’s heart is a portrait of their beloved companion. There is a myriad of different artists available to help immortalize your animals, but Zann Hamphill certainly stands out. From her coastal studio on Vancouver Island, she creates realistic custom oil paintings of pets and ships them all across North America. Zann says oil paint allows her to work wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry to capture a beautiful variety of textures. This way she can slowly build an animal’s likeness from the ground up. The paintings are available in a range of sizes—all you need to do is send pictures of the special subject and prepare to receive a huge thanks from the lucky recipient.

Pet Vacation at a Rosewood Resort

A vacation is good. A vacation with your best furry friend is better. Give the animal lover on your list the vacation of a lifetime with a stay at a resort that isn’t just pet-friendly; it treats pets like VIP guests. Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort offers plenty of perks for humans, but it also includes myriad ways to pamper your pets, such as special chef-prepared menus, spa treatments and portable pet cabanas to hang in the pool or beach side. There are also “dog butlers” who will take four-legged friends on daily walks on the beach, give them tailored massages and treat them to “doga” classes so they can relax. Best of all, you can focus on enjoying yourself knowing that your BFF is getting their own pampered vacation, too.

Book Now on Rosewood

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