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Robb Recommends: This Stylish Spice Rack Keeps Your Godforsaken Mess of Seasonings Perfectly Organized

My spice inventory has never looked, smelled or tasted better.

Evermill Spice Rack Evermill

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Like many home cooks, the spice section of my pantry is one big disorganized mess, with a rogue star anise floating here and a half-finished pack of paprika there. While frustrating, it’s one of those problems that I’ve put on the back-burner due to a serious lack of elegant solutions, but one LA company has just changed all of that.

Evermill, founded by Mark Gudaitis and Luke White, has created an ultra-stylish spice rack that’s a true triumph of form and function. The sleek, minimalist design displays your favorite seasonings and keeps them conveniently within arm’s reach while you’re cooking.

Available in matte black, white, silver and gunmetal, the countertop rack can be configured with two tiers to hold 12 jars of herbs and spices ($179) or three tiers to hold 18 ($229). It also comes in a modular, in-drawer form that allows your seasoning to be neatly tucked away in your kitchen cabinetry ($159 for 12 jars/$209 for 18).

Evermill Spice Rack

The countertop rack comes in matte black (pictured), white, silver and gunmetal,  Evermill

Evermill sent me the three-tier countertop rack in silver to trial and help get my relationship with storing herbs and spices back on track. Since the rack can also be easily mounted to the wall with the included hardware, I affixed it near some open shelving opposite my oven. I figured that would encourage me to get all Salt Bae and start throwing pinches of seasoning in more dishes.

Aside from the chic aesthetic, which will surely complement any modern kitchen, the first thing I noticed is the jars. Finished in elegant amber glass, each container has the name of the spice or herb prominently displayed on the front to make selecting the seasoning a cinch. For me, it was a far cry from rummaging through my unruly Cabinet of Shame, where finding the right spice was nightly challenge. The jars have a wide mouth that means pretty much any size-measuring spoon (or pair of fingers) can fit in, along with an (optional) perforated top in case you want to shake your spices in. They also feature a teardrop design on the bottom that interlocks with the rack so everything stays in perfect position.

Evermill Spice Rack

The jars come with a perforated top included.  Evermill

What’s inside the jars is even more impressive. The high-quality organic herbs and spices are sourced from vetted farmers across the globe. They’re then ground in small batches before they are delivered directly to customers. This ensures peak freshness and pungent flavor that simply can’t be matched by the jars that sit idly on the grocery shelves.

The 18-piece collection comprises bay leaves, captain’s blend, cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, harissa, Italian, oregano, paprika, red pepper flakes, turmeric, allspice, cloves, coriander seeds, brown mustard seeds, nutmeg, sumac, and, finally, the Evermill blend, which is now a firm favorite of this wannabe master chef. (It’s a powdered pathway to perfectly seasoned roast chicken.)

Evermill Spice Rack

The modular rack can be neatly tucked away in a kitchen drawer.  Evermill

Replenishing spent seasoning is a breeze, too. In fact, the first three refills are included with your initial order. After that, you can opt for a yearly subscription service that automatically arranges for the refills to be mailed right to your door. Alternatively, you can place orders online or via text as needed. What’s more, residents of Los Angeles, San Francisco and the New York tri-state area have an on-demand, two-hour delivery service in case you need spices in a snap. Evermill plans to roll this out to further states as the business expands.

The one minor drawback is that you can’t customize your spices. You’re limited to Evermill’s curated selection. But perhaps that’s a good thing. After all, part of the reason that my seasoning situation spiraled out of control was the fact that I would buy a new jar of garam masala or saffron every time I made a curry, only to be left with 10 barely used jars. With this setup, you’re fully aware of what you have and it makes you more accountable. Think of it as adulting, but with spices.

It’s safe to say my spice inventory has never looked, smelled or tasted better and that’s worth its weight in saffron.

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