The Best Clack Egg Openers to Change Up Your Breakfast

These are the best tools for neatly breaking a few eggs.

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Ever wanted to make your simple egg breakfast a little more indulgent? Instead of scrambling or frying, enjoying them in a simple egg dish can be a treat. But breaking an egg open without creating a mess can be tricky. That’s where clack openers come in to play.

The slender invention––which originated in Germany––cradles an egg from above and, while the swift pull of a spring neatly breaks off the top portion of the shell, turning it into a natural bowl. Not only do clack egg openers create a novel way to enjoy your egg, they can make preparing several quick and easy. And the presentation is hard to beat.

Of course, finding the right model is everything. If the opener is too strong, you can turn any dish into a dripping mess. If the tension is too weak, it won’t be able to create a clean break. Not to worry. With our four picks below, your eggs will open up perfectly every time. You may never go back to eating eggs sunny-side up.

1. Take 2 Original Clack Egg Opener

Take 2’s clack egg opener was the first of its kind and earns its place as our top pick. Made from durable stainless steel, its German-engineered dome fits neatly over eggs of any size and relies on gravity to help neatly break them open every time. Pull the sliding ball to the top and let it drop––that’s all the work it requires. The interior eggshell cutter isn’t sharp, making this a great option for households with children and pets.

Pros: It can be used with eggs of any size.

Cons: It relies on gravity rather than springs to open eggs, which might not be every cook’s preference.

Take 2 clack egg opener

Courtesy of Amazon.  Courtesy of Amazon

Take 2 Original Clack Egg Opener: $19.99

2. Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Opener

Made from stainless steel, Rösle’s clack egg opener is versatile enough to work on both soft- and hard-boiled eggs. Its spring-loaded design has an ergonomic top handle that cleanly opens egg tops with a simple pull. You won’t have to worry about shell fragments ruining your perfectly done yolk again. 

Pros: It’s made from 18/10 stainless steel for maximum durability.

Cons: It has a slightly bulkier design than our top pick.

Rösle egg clack opener

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Opener: $17.95

3. Eparé Clack Egg Opener

Having a solid clack opener is great, but we can’t forget about what we’ll be eating the eggs in. That’s where this set comes to the rescue, with a complete outfit of opener, egg dishes and small spoons, all rendered in sleek stainless steel. It’s a way to instantly dress up any breakfast.

Pros: This is a complete set so you won’t have to worry about acquiring any other tools or dishes.

Cons: It might not be right for those who already have the necessary egg dishes and mini utensils.

Eparé clack egg set

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Eparé Clack Egg Opener: $16.95

4. Mevis Line Clack Egg Opener

Mevis Line’s version of the egg clacker is as reliable as our picks for great value. The shell-cracking lever can be pulled higher or lower depending on how much force a user desires and the device can be pulled left or right to take off the top, eliminating the need for a knife or spoon. Plus, stainless steel construction means it’ll hold up well to regular use.

Pros: Pulling the opener left or right after cracking takes the shell off in one go.

Cons: Figuring out how high to pull the lever for each egg might take some getting used to.

Mevis Line clack egg opener

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Mevis Line Clack Egg Opener: $7.99

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