Bataleon Whitegold North Snowboard

WHAT: Powder-shredding snowboard

WHY: Ginsu-like slicing power for cold and steep declines

Designed for the Great White North (and researched and developed in British Columbia, and handmade in Austria), the Bataleon Whitegold North snowboard ($800) is your weapon for deep and fast conditions. Centered on Bataleon’s proprietary light core made of Swiss poplar and paulownia, this is a true sword with German steel edges. Carbon strips run lengthwise (protected by bamboo sidewalls), making this a tight and precise ride on the supertough sintered base. Slabs of Portuguese cork (like what wineries use) atop the core handle high-speed vibrations. A 23-mm-wide bamboo stringer running along the center of the board allows it to be converted to a split without damaging the core. If you are being dropped from a helicopter, this is what you want strapped to your boots. 



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