Watch a Spunky Beluga Whale Play Rugby With South African Sailors in Antarctica

The crew of "Gemini Craft" were celebrating South Africa's 32-12 victory over England in the Rugby World Cup.

The World Cup may have ended last weekend but Rugby fever is still alive and well. And it would appear that it is not just limited to humans, either, as at least one spunky beluga whale in the South Pole seems to have caught it too.

That’s right, one of the South Pole’s marine mammals, which you may remember from a beloved children’s song by Raffi, showed off its skill with the ball in a video posted online earlier this week. And while the crew were happy to partake in some rugby action in frigid weather, no one was more delighted than the enthusiastic beluga.

In the adorable clip, which was posted to Facebook by Alon Kowen, the chipper whale can be seen playing around with the crew of the South African-built boat, Gemini Craft. One of the crew members, bundled up in a parka, tosses the oblong rugby ball out into the water, only for the beluga to speed off in pursuit and quickly return, eager for more.  According to Kowen, the crew, like the boat, all hail from South Africa, and were celebrating their national team’s 32-12 final win over England on Saturday in Japan. The title was the country’s third, tying them with third place New Zealand for the all-time lead.

The video, while heartwarming, also means you now have one more excuse to take that trip to Antarctica you’ve been mulling over. After all, who wouldn’t want to play rugby with a giddy beluga?

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