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The 35 Best Coffee Table Books to Give Your Living Room a Dose of Smart Style

Tomes that are great to read and show off.

best coffee table books

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There are few gifts more elegant than an artfully selected coffee table book. A well-designed tome is a holiday classic for a reason: It tells a story, doubles as a design object and ultimately makes a room, serving as a subtle (or not-so-subtle) interior statement. Who can forget how Tom Ford’s eponymous first monograph populated seemingly every celebrity home, adding a certain authoritative, high-octane touch to any space it graced? Likewise, a tasteful Slim Aarons monograph or the oeuvre of a top photographer are perennials. In short, the right physical book leaves an imprint no Kindle can.

When it comes to the best coffee table books, options are wide and seemingly never ending. This is where our curation comes in. We’ve leafed through the most promising of 2022’s many releases and zeroed in on the top coffee table books for everyone on your list. Whether their passion is sailing, travel, classic cars, minimalist architecture, maximalist design and beyond, we’ve got you covered. From the critically acclaimed, first English-language Piet Mondrian biography released in 50 years to an expansive exploration of era-defining yachts and monographs for the classic Hollywood devotee, look no further than the coffee table books below.

Best Gift for Warholites

Pop Art Style


Decades ago, Andy Warhol threw the art world on its head, bringing in a crayola-colored satirization of contemporary life and predicting the social media era 40-plus years before Instagram launched. Assouline’s new monograph Pop Art Style, part of a larger series on style, traces the aesthetics and ethos of Warhol and his contemporaries in colorful, dynamic form. With enough industrial design objects, graphic arts and, of course, explorations of celebrity.

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for Boaters

Riva Aquarama


Carlo Riva legend in the boating world is unparalleled, especially when it comes to runabouts. Celebrating his impact on the industry is this 208-page coffee table book, an expansive tome that offers interviews with Riva fans, including Simon Le Bon and Arpad Busson, along with historical pictures and contemporary images by photographer Oliver Pilcher.

Buy Now on Assouline: $995

Best Gift for Art Critics

Diane Arbus Documents


Diane Arbus is revered as one of the seminal photographers of the 20th century, an artist who found beauty in the most unlikely figures. Indeed, there are a number of books that cover her portraits and images that upended aesthetic conventions, highlighting subjects that were deemed outcasts of society. Her work is certainly polarizing, with many either lauding her oeuvre or denouncing it. This is exactly what makes Diane Arbus Documents different from other artist retrospectives: It compiles a selection of articles, criticism, and essays from 1967 to the present.

Buy Now on Amazon: $67

Best Gift for Historians

The Secret Teachings of All Ages


In 1923, after a months-long trip visiting Egypt, China and India, lecturer Manly P. Hall began to form an encyclopedia, amassing a collection of detailed images and essays that explored the rituals, practices and symbols of antiquity. When the tome was first released in 1928, it was heralded as the “Great Book.” Now, almost a century later, Tachen is re-releasing Hall’s magnum opus with first-edition print of 5,000 copies.

Buy Now on Taschen: $500

Best Gift for Plant Parents

G: Forever Green


Do you know someone that had their thumbs turn green during the pandemic? The person that turned their apartment into a virtual rainforest? If so, you’ll find no better coffee table book to match their living space than G: Forever Green. Interior designer Carlos Mota compiled a collection of striking images—from fashion and jewelry to homes and, of course, plants—that celebrates all things verdant.

Buy Now on Amazon: $62

Best Gift for Jewelry Lovers

Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium


Jewelry isn’t just a shiny trinket worn to bolster an outfit. The mostly finely-crafted pieces, in fact, serve as benchmarks in history, relaying the evolution of humanity. From the bold gold pieces commissioned by ancient kings to the cutting of the Hope Diamond to Elizabeth Taylor’s monumental collection, this book guides readers through a glossary of essential gems and how each reflected the zeitgeist.

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for Millennials

The Cobrasnake: Y2Ks Archive


It’s been over two decades since the Y2K scare, and thankfully the world has not ended. Rather, the subsequent years after the turn of the century became one giant party for a new breed of party-goer: the glam hipster. These were the types of folks that bopped to the tunes of Kanye West and Steve Aoki, coveted the fashions of Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott, and did so without the overwhelming presence of social media. Equipped with Polaroid camera, Mark Hunter—a.k.a., Cobrasnake—snapped all the revelry and uploaded the images to his primitive website. Now, all the pics have been amassed in this tome, which serves as a perfect time capsule of the days of dial-up.

Buy Now on Amazon: $31

Best Gift for F1 Fanatics

F1 Heroes: Champions and Legends in the Photos of Motorsport Images


With 200-plus images spanning 70 years of Formula 1, F1 Heroes dives into the storied history of racing legends, taking the reader from the very first championship to Lewis Hamilton’s groundbreaking wins and an inside look at the early automobiles. This is as much a gift for classic car collectors as F1 fans. A few highlights include for early histories of Ferrari, Alpha Romeo and Maserati.

Buy Now on Amazon: $36

Best Gift for Abstract Thinkers

Piet Mondrian: A Life


As a co-founder of the De Stijl movement and a leader in abstraction, the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s influence can’t be underestimated. This is the long overdue, critically-acclaimed, first English-language biography of the artist in 50 years, complete with previously unknown letters, archival material and a rich progressive exploration of Mondrian’s creative and personal development.

Buy Now on Amazon: $50

Best Gift for Aspiring Screenwriters

A24 Screenplay Books


Production house A24 has changed how the public engages with the film studio, developing a cult following in the way once reserved for directors and movie stars. Now, the company is releasing the full original screenplays of some of their most beloved high-brow cinema. The true obsessive can dive into the collector’s editions of Moonlight, Ex Machina or Minari, the latter annotated with photographs from the director’s childhood and an original essay by poet Ocean Voung.

Buy Now on A24: $60

Best Gift for Minimalists

Japanese Interiors


A love letter to Japanese interiors that takes you inside private homes from the city to the seaside, this Phaidon tome is an expansive showcase of the nation’s top architects and the generations they’ve inspired. The book surveys Japan’s renowned less-is-more design aesthetic—from the avant-garde to the traditional, with plenty to take in for minimalists.

Buy Now on Amazon: $80

Best Gift for Hollywood Insiders

Annie Leibovitz


Annie Leibovitz is a photography legend, having lensed Hollywood’s A-list in theatrical, timeless images for many top magazines. Now, photography and film fans alike can sink into her expressive work, which range from intimate portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth to photojournalism made for Rolling Stone in the ’70s and iconic images of stars throughout the decades on set.

Buy Now on Taschen: $150

Best Gift for Hypebeasts

Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech


In his brief 41 years, the late Virgil Abloh left a deep imprint on fashion, music and culture en masse, breaking barriers as the first Black menswear artistic director of Louis Vuitton and redefining what it means to be a multi-hyphenate. Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech functions as a user manual to the creative polymath, decoding Abloh’s designs and taking you through his substantial output. Look for pieces from his personal archive, prototypes and deep dives into the designer’s use of language and references.

Buy Now on Amazon: $63

Best Gift for Footballers

Football: Designing for the Beautiful Game


More than any sport, soccer is a universal game. It’s called the beautiful game for a reason. This catalog approaches the sport from a design lens, delving into the development, details and innovations behind iconic cleats, stadiums and balls the world over. It includes though- provoking contributions from the players and designers alike.

Buy Now on Amazon: $45

Best Gift for Cinephiles

Bob Willoughby: A Cinematic Life


Photographer Bob Willoughby led an extraordinary life, capturing the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and so many other legends of film and jazz from the 1950s through the 1970s . This large format monograph takes you inside his incredible career, where he was the first ever “outside” photographer hired by major movie studios–complete with insider stories from the sets of The Graduate, Rebel Without a Cause and many more.

Buy Now on Amazon: $60

Best Gift for Chefs

Ghetto Gastro: Black Power Kitchen


From the Bronx-based culinary collective founded by Pierre Serrao, Jon Gray and Lester Walker, and James Beard Award-winning writer Osayi Endolyn comes the book Vogue called the year’s most important cookbook.” Inside, you’ll find 75 mainly plant-based recipes celebrating Black food and culture, interwoven with immersive storytelling, interviews, photography and other visuals. It’s a rich text filled with depth and mouth-watering eats, drawing inspiration from the Bronx’s diverse communities.

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $40

Best Gift for California Dreamers

George Byrne: Post Truth


Photographer George Byrne’s monograph Post Truth is an optimistic take on Postmodernism, deconstructing Los Angeles’s urban sprawl and transforming its disparate pieces into a candy-colored architectural utopia. The book’s pages reimagine the city in dreamy pastel form, referencing seminal California artists Ed Ruscha and David Hockney, while also calling to mind Miami’s Art Deco district. It’s a beautiful photographic ode to the city’s most picturesque corners, fit for anyone who loves Los Angeles or a good Pop Art moment.

Buy Now on Amazon: $58

Best Gift for Bookworms

Joan Didion: What She Means


Written and curated by New Yorker contributor Hilton Als, What She Means explores the seminal author’s life and work through a visual lens, with contributions from 50 artists including Ed Ruscha, Brice Marden, Betye Saar and Andy Warhol. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves Didion’s poignant work. It also includes three previously uncollected texts by the writer.

Buy Now on Barnes & Noble: $40

Best Gift for Escapists

St. Barth’s Freedom


A beautiful journey through the legendary calm and glamour of the wealthy Caribbean enclave, Assouline’s St. Barth’s Freedom is sure to transport you back through its pages. The rich monograph is enthralling and nostalgic at the same time, taking you from Eden Rock to the seaside with vibrant photography and over 200 hand-drawn illustrations.

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for Maximalists

Gold: The Impossible Collection, Special Edition


This is for the person on your list for who already has it all. From Gustav Klimt to Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, haute couture detailing, royal crowns and so many other works of extravagance throughout history, this collector’s edition—with a hand-painted gold clamshell case—is a fantastical exploration of the precious metal. It’s extra from the inside out—both literally and figuratively.

Buy Now on Assouline: $3,950

Best Gift for Ecologists

Botanical: Observing Beauty


A gorgeous exploration of the interdependence and creative tension between art and science, Botanical: Observing Beauty originated in an exhibition at Beaux-Arts Paris. The book touches upon jewelry, drawing, scientific illustrations–even video games–as it wonders through artistic explorations of botany. It’s a beautiful, clever gift for the botanist, and an elegant ode to nature.

Buy Now on Target: $50

Best for Ski Bunnies

100 Slopes of a Lifetime


Celebrate winter’s beloved pursuit—and any ski bunnies in your life—with this gorgeous tome from National Geographic. Written by a former editor of Outside magazine, and featuring a forward by Olympic alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, the book shines a light on trails across an array of terrains and skill levels, from dramatic cross-country routes to experts-only back-country options.

Buy Now on Amazon: $35

Best Gift for Architecture Junkies

How Architecture Tells: 9 Realities That Will Change the Way You See


Sculpting space has the power to shape life,” says Robert Steinberg, and this book of 200 full-color photos showcases many of the ways in which architecture can do just that. A futurist, activist, storyteller and fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Steinberg spotlights how some of his public projects have helped raise up and bring together different communities, and how architecture can help spur social change and collective healing.

Buy Now on Amazon: $60

Best Gift for Fine Art Lovers

Frida Kahlo: The Complete Paintings


Take in the works of Frida Kahlo like never before with this large-format book celebrating the visionary Mexican artist. The collection traces Kahlo’s life and career through drawings, letters, photos, diary pages and images of her paintings—including pieces in private collections that have rarely been seen by the general public, and reproductions of works that have been lost or unseen for over 80 years. It’s the ultimate study of Kahlo’s work for her legion of admirers.

Buy Now on Taschen: $200

Best Gift for Sailors

Yachts: The Impossible Collection


Head out onto the high seas with this carefully curated anthology of notable vessels from throughout history. From the 1851 ship for which the America’s Cup was named and the J Class racing yachts of the early 1900s to the sleek megayachts of today (and tomorrow), these are the boats that broke the mold and helped to define their era. The book also spotlights how things like design, green technology, speed, luxury amenities and more have played a part in transforming the yachting seascape.

Buy Now on Assouline: $895

Best Gift for Prepters

Polo Heritage


Born of the training cavalry units of Asia, polo has spanned continents and cultures to become one of the world’s oldest team sports, and the preferred “sport of kings.” Following a forward by legendary player Nacho Figueras, this book takes readers on a thrilling journey from Mongolia to Mexico, Barbados to India, for a look at some of the most prestigious tournaments, prominent polo families and notable grounds on grass, sand and snow.

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for Fashionable Men

The Men’s Fashion Book


Hundreds of contributors—from designers and photographers to tailors, editors, models, stylists and more—came together to help create the first truly comprehensive look at men’s fashion from the last 200 years. The A-Z guide spans genres and styles, spotlighting everything from the enduring nature of suiting and the popularity of streetwear to influencers like the Jamaican “rude boys” and tailor Manuel Cuevas, the man responsible for Johnny Cash’s all-black look. Images culled from runway shows, magazine shoots, film stills, vintage ads and more help bring each entry to life.

Buy Now on Nordstrom: $80

Best Gift for Car Collectors

The Porsche 911 Book


Dive deep into the iconic Porsche 911 with this 192-page hardcover that documents nearly every variant of the marque’s most beloved model. Originally released in 2013 for a limited run of 40,000 copies, the book was recently released in a revised edition, with text by Jürgen Lewandowski and photos by René Staud helping to bring to life the history, evolution and perennial appeal of this legendary ride.

Best Gift for Interiors Connoisseurs

Santa Fe Modern: Contemporary Design in the High Desert


Following the success of their books Texas Made/Texas Modern and Marfa Modern, author Helen Thompson and photographer Casey Dunn turn their spotlight on Santa Fe with this look at how architecture and design has evolved in the Southwestern city. The book takes readers into 20 contemporary and modernist residences to showcase how top architects and interior designers have been inspired by the high desert setting in their choice of styles, materials, form and more. Along the way, the text also offers historical context, expert insight and a look at some of the architects and artists who’ve made a big impact on today’s Santa Fe style.

Buy Now on Barnes & Noble: $50

Best Gift for Dog Owners

The Golden Retriever Photographic Society


Over his illustrious career, photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber has shot everything from iconic fashion campaigns and portraits of countless A-listers to dramatic American landscapes. For nearly half a century, he’s been accompanied on his journeys by his beloved Golden Retrievers, who’ve often popped up in his photos. In this loving and personal new tome (which features a forward by Jane Goodall), Weber puts the focus squarely on man’s best friend, celebrating both his favorite breed and the ways in which one’s pets can fuel joy and creativity.

Best Gift for Travelers

Gray Malin: The Essential Collection

In 10 years, Gray Malin has gone from selling his prints at an LA flea market to venturing to all seven continents to create vivid shots that epitomize travel and escapism. This book chronicles the bestselling photographer’s first decade of work, and features images both signature—think the colorful aerial umbrella shots from Miami, Rio and Lisbon—to others that have never been published. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s having a bit of wanderlust or who needs a dose of sunshine to brighten up the winter.

Buy Now on Barnes & Noble: $70

Best Gift for Lovers of True Luxury

Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel


Where fashion and architecture meet, there’s Peter Marino. For the last 25 years, the architect has helped create striking buildings for the venerable French label in destinations from New York to Nanjing, along the way helping to elevate luxury retail into fine art. This book of over 300 images includes original sketches, architectural plans, project descriptions and more to help transport readers to the 16 global Chanel outposts for which Marino designed both the exteriors and interiors.

Buy Now on Farfetch: $160

Best Gift for the Eco-Conscious

Koichi Takada: Architecture, Nature, and Design


Whether designing the National Museum of Qatar in Doha, an urban marketplace in New York City’s East Village or Australia’s “greenest residential building” in Brisbane, Koichi Takada draws from organic forms and local context to help reconnect people to the natural environment. In this, the first monograph on the Japanese-born, Sydney-based architect, photos of buildings and interiors are juxtaposed with sketches and images of nature to showcase the inspirations behind Takada’s striking creations.

Buy Now: $75

Best Gift for Birdwatchers

Bird: Exploring the Winged World


Enjoy an engaging and visually stunning visit to the avian kingdom with this hardback tome that explores our fascination with the winged world, from ancient Egypt to the present. Over 300 images and illustrations sit alongside content from ornithologists, art historians, wildlife photographers, conservationists and curators to look at the role birds have played in everything from science and mythology to fine art and pop culture. Even the Twitter bird makes an appearance.

Buy Now: $41

Best for Jetsetters

Gstaad Glam


Tucked among the snowy Alps of southwestern Switzerland is a magical land of exclusive ski clubs and elegant hotels, luxury boutiques and cutting-edge art galleries—and lots of beautiful vistas and people-watching in between. In this new book from Assouline, you’ll be transported to Gstaad for a glimpse at some of its stunning natural settings—from slopes to golf courses to polo fields—as well as at its iconic buildings, favorite local haunts and top events like the annual hot-air balloon festival and Menuhin Festival of music. The tome will tide you over until you can next make the scene yourself.

Buy Now on Assouline: $95

Best Gift for Wannabe Designers

Living in Color: Color in Contemporary Interior Design


Sure, this new home design and décor book from Phaidon provides plenty of aesthetic inspiration, thanks to its featuring of 200 interiors from 130 designers across dozens of room types, in locations around the world. But with its focus on how color plays a part in how we design and live—and the fact that the book is organized by hue, spanning from pure white and deep black to vivid hot pinks and reds—there’s also something meditative about flipping through its pages and embarking on a visual journey across the color spectrum. Text by color historian Stella Paul and interior designer India Mahdavi helps bring it all together.

Buy Now on Amazon: $30

Best Gift for True Collectors

Assouline Bookstand


The large size that is a huge part of the charm of coffee table tomes can also make them a little awkward to read. To fully appreciate their expanse you’ll need a lot of open space or, better yet, a bookstand. If you’re interested in the latter, this deluxe version from Assouline is just the ticket. If you’re of the opinion that books can be art in, and of, themselves, it’s an elegant way to display one of the jewels in your current collection.

Buy Now: $95

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