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15 Gifts for Dads Who Love to Golf, From an Electric Caddy to the Perfect Putter

These gifts will make any golf-obsessed dad smile.

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Father’s Day is fast approaching! With the official start of summer just around the corner—and the golf season in full swing (pun intended)—a gift for the golf enthusiast in your life that enhances his enjoyment on (and off) the course is sure to inspire more than just a polite golf clap. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 15 items that are certain to satisfy avid golfers. So… if the golfing father in your life loves to walk the course, there are shoes, lightweight carry bags, Art Deco-styled push carts, and state-of-the-art electric carts that will put an extra pep in his step.

If the primary contents of his golf bag can use an upgrade, we can offer surefire club recommendations, whether he’s in need of a new driver, wedges, or a flat stick that will help him hole more putts. And if his wardrobe needs some refreshing, we can offer stylish and comfortable clothing options from established golf apparel brands and fresh new companies.

In other words, if you’re looking for a gift to delight the passionate golfer in your life, the below list of 15 eye-catching and difference-making products has you covered.

Payntr Golf Shoes and Gloves

Payntr Golf Shoes and Gloves

British brand Payntr has its roots in cricket, but the company recently unveiled its first golf shoes. Its top of the line model, the X 002 LE, is equipped with a molded ortholite foodbed that maintains the shoe’s comfort, fit and cushioning from first wearing to last round. The water-resistant shoe also features a graphite propulsion plate that improves how golfers interact and gain power and energy from turf interaction. Don’t overlook the brand’s golf gloves, either. They’re among the best-fitting examples on the market.

Buy Now: Shoes $190.00

Buy Now: Gloves $22.00

BOA System Shoes: FJ Tour Alpha and Adidas Tour 360

FJ Tour Alpha

If you’re looking for the latest tech in golf shoes, you’ll find it with BOA, a lace-alternative closure system that both Footjoy and Adidas have implemented for the last several years. Footjoy’s latest model, the Tour Alpha ($240), is defined by a wide sole that provides more stable traction during all phases of the golf swing.

Buy Now $219.99


Adidas Tour 360

The new Adidas Tour360 22, by contrast, is remarkably lightweight and promotes easy weight shift from heel to toe. Both utilize the BOA System to wrap the shoe around the foot, providing one of the most secure and consistent fits in golf footwear.

BUY NOW: $250

Walker Trolley Cape 1.5

Walker Trolley Cape 15

Up until now, discerning golfers who like to walk the course and use a push cart have been relegated to three-wheeled devices that typically lack both style and quality craftsmanship. The Walker Trolley Cape 1.5 solves all of those problems. Inspired by classical industrial designs from the 1920s and ’30s—largely Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts—as well as more modern, retro-inspired bicycles, the Cape 1.5 is made of anodized aluminum, it features leather and waxed canvas accents, and it collapses just enough to easily fit in the trunk of most cars.

BUY NOW: $389.00

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Full Swing Golf Launch Monitor

Serious golf practice these days requires real-time data of a golfer’s swing and the resulting shot that is hit. Full Swing’s first foray into the launch monitor space, the Full Swing KIT, is the byproduct of a partnership with Tiger Woods, and it excels in that regard. The user interface is intuitive, the data display can be easily customized to show four key metrics (out of 16 total) or a single data point, and high-resolution video of each swing is captured in slow motion for further analysis.

BUY NOW: $3,999.00

Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Caddy

Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy


Nothing beats a walking round of golf, but the prospect of shouldering a bag, even pushing (or pulling) a golf cart, across 18 holes—the equivalent of about four miles—can be a daunting task. For those in need of some reprieve, Motocaddy’s remote-activated electric caddy, the M7, provides hands-free assistance with a waterproof, lithium battery strong enough to last 36 holes. The electric cart is also equipped with a high-resolution LCD touchscreen display that offers course maps with dynamic green views.

BUY NOW: $1549.00

Stitch SL2 Golf Bag

Stitch SL2 Golf Bag

The SL2 bag by Stitch guarantees a comfortable walking round thanks to its proprietary synthetic fabric that provides a lighter alternative to leather without sacrificing any of the durability. The bag weighs less than five pounds empty and less than 23 pounds with a full set of clubs. Most notably, the bag’s sleek and compact shape makes it a breeze to carry. Its pockets are streamlined—so much so that it can be challenging to store bulkier items—but if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, comfortable carry bag for an easy walking round, the SL2 is the way to go.

BUY NOW: $388

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Not all laser-guided rangefinders are the same, especially when you factor in their ability to accurately adjust for slope and other environmental conditions. Bushnell’s Pro XE is the unequivocal leader in the category, since the device not only accounts for elevation change—using an advanced slope algorithm—but also factors in altitude and ambient temperature. Those may sound like trivial details, but they can be the difference between landing your shot on the green or in a hazard.

BUY NOW: $549.99

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf Balls

The majority of the players on tour may be teeing up Titleist balls, but Bridgestone’s lineup can go drive for drive and wedge shot for wedge shot with golf’s leading ball manufacturer. The fact that the winningest player of our generation trusts Bridgestone speaks volumes of the brand’s top-of-the-line tour balls. In fact, rumor has it that Tiger’s balls have always been made by Bridgestone—they were just stamped with a Swoosh during the years when Nike was still making golf equipment.

BUY NOW: $49.99

Radmor Five-O Knit Pants and Shorts

Radmor Five O Knit Pants and Shorts

Golf pants and shorts are all basically the same, right? Not necessarily. The Five-O Knit pants and shorts from Radmor are distinctive for their soft blend of cotton and elastane, which feel just like your favorite pair of sweatpants. The difference, of course, is that these articles sport the cut and fit of a classic pair of golf pants and shorts. It’s the best of both worlds—ultimate comfort with a timeless aesthetic that stays true to traditional golf styling.

Buy Now: Pants $128.00

Buy Now: Shorts $98.00

Seamus Golf Head Covers

Seamus Golf Head Covers

Nothing adds a bit of personality to a golf bag quite like specialized head covers, and Seamus Golf in Oregon produces some of the best. Their flagship handmade head covers are crafted from wool sourced from local mills throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as the United Kingdom, and they’re available in a number of classic (and avant garde) motifs, including Scottish and Irish tartans.

BUY NOW: $75.00

Peter Millar Crown Crafted Polo Shirt

Peter Millar Crown Crafted Polo Shirt

From its humble origins in 2001, when the brand produced a single cashmere sweater, Peter Millar has evolved into a lifestyle brand dedicated to active apparel and also stylish resort wear. Today, the label offers two collections of golf polo shirts (starting at $94)—its crown sport offerings are more performance driven and feature bolder prints, whereas the crown crafted collection are lightweight and versatile (meaning they’re equally suited for off-the-course pursuits). They are also more understated in their colors and prints.

BUY NOW: $98.00

PXG 0311 Gen5 Driver

PXG 0311 Gen5 Driver

When PXG burst onto the scene several years ago, the revolutionary equipment brand shook up the golf equipment space. The Arizona company’s irons immediately captured everyone’s attention, but PXG’s woods—specifically its driver—couldn’t quite live up to the expectations that the brand’s irons had established. All of that has changed with PXG’s Gen 5 Driver, a club that features a carbon-fiber crown and a high-strength titanium alloy face that’s engineered with variable thickness. That not only reduces mass but also promotes faster ball speeds.

BUY NOW: $499.00

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

Based on its advertising campaigns, TaylorMade might have you believe that it only specializes in drivers and fairway woods—long-hitting ones at that. But the brand’s most recent lineup of Milled Grind 3 Wedges are world class. Available in six lofts (from 50 degrees up to 60 degrees) and in seven different degrees of bounce, these wedges not only provide great distance on full shots, they also offer exceptional feel and spin for every conceivable shot around the green.

BUY NOW: $179.99

Club Fitting With Club Champion

Club Fitting with Club Champion

There is a plethora of great performing irons on the market these days and like every golf club category, what works well for one player may not fit another golfer’s swing. For that reason, it’s imperative that golfers are custom fit for their clubs. It’s the only way to assure that they’ll play their best possible golf. With more than 100 locations in the US and Canada, Club Champion is a leader in the industry. The company’s fitters have access to all of the latest models from every major club manufacturer, not to mention specialized shafts from 17 of the world’s best brands. Iron fittings cost $175, though a full-bag fitting is only $400.


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Makefield V-S Putter

Makefield V S Putter

With an aesthetic that resembles a stealth jet, the V-S Putter from Makefield, a start-up golf company outside of Philadelphia, is noteworthy less for its look from a stylish perspective but more from a performance standpoint. Designed around three fuselage that hold cylindrical weights of various mass (one out near the toe, one at the center of the clubface and one near the heel), the putter provides considerable forgiveness. The location of those weighted sections also allows the putter to transfer energy to the ball at its equator, which promotes a truer roll from the moment of impact.

BUY NOW: $399.99


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