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The Best Horseshoes Sets for Good Old-Fashioned Backyard Fun

This classic lawn game is easy to set up and play yet brings a ton of enjoyment.

Triumph Horseshoes Set Amazon

Horseshoes isn’t the most modern game, nor is it the most complex. That doesn’t make it any less fun, though. The classic lawn game has stood the test of time because it’s easy to set up and play yet brings a ton of enjoyment. That’s why it’s worthwhile having a horseshoes set in your collection.

The game’s straightforward moniker pretty much explains the premise. That is, you try and throw a horseshoe around a target. Sets typically include four horseshoes and two throwing targets (stakes), which allows either a pair or two teams of two to play. The game is usually set up on the lawn with the stakes roughly 40 feet apart.

While the rules of the game have seldom changed, the construction of the equipment certainly has. Nowadays, modern sets have more stylized horseshoes rather than those that could be fitted to your stallion’s hooves. Some sets also come in rubber in case your children want to play.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best horseshoes sets available on Amazon.

1. St. Pierre Horseshoes Set

For those who want to learn to pitch like the pros, St. Pierre has the perfect horseshoes set. Designed by a World Champion Horseshoe pitcher, it comes complete with everything you need, including four horseshoes, a pair of 24-inch stakes, an official rulebook and a black plastic tote to carry it all in. Made in the US, the set is forged from solid steel and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The horseshoes also have a unique shape to really test your throwing skills. Two shoes are colored blue and two silver, which means up to four people can play.

St. Pierre Horseshoes Set


St. Pierre Horseshoes Set: $59.95

2. Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set

Much like our top pick, this horseshoes set by Franklin Sports showcases high-quality craftsmanship. Forged from solid steel, it comes with two blue horseshoes, two silver horseshoes, a pair of 20-inch stakes and a carrying case for easy transportation. There’s no rule book but, hey, the game’s pretty self-explanatory. Each horseshoe weighs around 2.1 pounds and is evenly weighted and balanced for consistent soaring. While it wasn’t designed by a World Champion Horseshoe pitcher, this set has all you need for a fun game.

Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set


Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set:

3. Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set

If you really want to harken back to olden times, Triumph’s set will take you there. With a charming, classic aesthetic, it’s crafted from hardwearing cast steel and features an authentic hammer finish. The set comprises two powder-coated gold horseshoes, two silver horseshoes and a pair of sturdy 20-inch stakes in silver. While this set doesn’t include a carry bag, it’s durable enough to leave outdoors and will add an old-fashioned feel to any backyard.

Triumph Horseshoes Set


Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set: $40.44

4. Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

While steel horseshoes sets are durable, they can cause a bit of damage. Whether it’s a slight dent on your perfectly manicured lawn or a black toe from a horseshoe gone awry, it’s not always smooth sailing. That’s not the case with this set by Champion Sports, though. Crafted from rubber, it features four horseshoes and two stakes, plus two rubber mats with yellow pegs that you can use indoors. This means you can play in any setting you desire, from the lounge room to the backyard. It’s also child friendly so your little ones can join in the game.

Champion Sports Horseshoes Set


Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set: $23.99

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