BMW M Adds Skis to Its High-Performance Repertoire

Seattle-based sports equipment manufacturer K2 has produced top-of-the-line skis for the last four decades, and this year it has teamed up with BMW M, the German brand’s high-performance sector, to develop the K2 LTD. BMW M Design Edition. Meant to deliver on all terrain, these limited-edition skis feature a unique combination of camber and rocker. The traditional upward curve in the middle provides power, edge hold, and control on firmer snow and ice, while the model’s slightly elevated front tips and flat tails allow riders to do backcountry runs while maintaining agility in varied snow and powder. Also, a progressive sidecut results in improved turn initiation. Surprisingly, none of the 500 pairs is for sale. Instead, they will be raffled off during BMW’s xDrive Cup. In its second year, the ski and snowboarding competition, which allows amateurs to compete against each other in a pseudo-Olympic-style setting, is being held in 13 locations across Europe until April. Participants who earn at least five badges—which can be accomplished in various ways, including completing designated runs or reaching a target speed—will be entered into the ski raffle, which is held monthly until the end of the games. To register for the xDrive Cup, visit

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