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Chef Adam Perry Lang Embarks on a Bucket-List Adventure with Jimmy Kimmel

RobbReport.com sat down with Lang to discover his best grilling tips and biggest bucket-list dreams…

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Adam Perry Lang’s resume includes the term “meat maestro,” and it’s not hard to see why. After graduating with distinction from the Culinary Institute of America, the personable chef worked in classical French restaurants before branching out to pursue his true passion: barbecue. Lang opened his first restaurant, Daisy May’s BBQ—a Southern-style rib joint in New York City—in 2003, and he is now in the process of opening a restaurant in Los Angeles. Despite his busy schedule, he recently found time to help his good friend Jimmy Kimmel check an item off his bucket list: fly-fishing in Montana. RobbReport.com recently chatted with the decorated chef to discover his favorite dishes, best grilling tips, and greatest bucket-list inspirations. (adamperrylang.com)

Robb Report: What’s your favorite part of grilling?

Adam Perry Lang: Working with fire. It just has an unpredictable personality and creates very unique food. You get a wide array of flavors and different types of crispy textures.

RR: What are your favorite dishes to prepare?

APL: Hands down, I love to grill steak. Thick steaks in particular—it has a really great wow factor and eye appeal, and it is incredibly juicy. It’s less temperamental than a thinner steak. You can really develop the crust.

RR.com: Do you have any favorite cooking or grilling memories?

APL: I remember as a kid, my dad brought home a really incredible tenderloin and just put salt and pepper on it. He literally didn’t even trim it, he just threw it right on the grill. The memory of it still sticks out in my mind.

RR: Can you share some secrets about what makes the perfect barbecue?

APL: The greatest tip that I can give is being prepared and having everything ready at your fingertips. When the fire is going you really don’t have much time to run into the house and get what you need. The other thing is to have an area on the fire where you can retreat to if the flames get a little bit out of control. It’s also important to be very social around the grill. People love to gather around a fire, and there’s something to be said about the prowess of donning a pair of tongs and working the grill with confidence.

RR: What are a few of the things on your personal bucket list?

APL: Continuing to travel the world, and fly-fishing in almost every major fly-fishing destination.

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