The Driftsun Transparent Kayak Gives You a Front Row Seat to the Undersea World

Made from clear polycarbonate, the kayak provides a snorkeling experience without you getting wet.

Driftsun Transparent Kayak floating in water Photo: Courtesy Driftsun

It’s all well and good to get out on the clear blue water in a kayak for a little exercise and adventure, but did you ever consider that you’re missing out on all the underwater action happening just feet below the boat? The watersports experts at Driftsun have endeavored to eliminate this blind spot by constructing the hull of their new Transparent Kayak entirely from clear polycarbonate.

Held in place by an anodized aluminum frame, the translucent material is only a quarter of an inch thick, but Driftsun contends that it is inherently extremely durable and impact resistant. Polycarbonate does have its drawbacks, though. In particular, it can be somewhat prone to scratching. To address this, the kayak’s entire hull is treated with a protective coating that also guards against UV damage from the sun.

The kayak-canoe hybrid can seat two and measures 11 feet in length. Its ergonomic, adjustable seats are removable, so it can be reconfigured to accommodate a single rider. The kayak has been designed to withstand both calm and choppy waters, but in the event that it does flip over, orange balloons at the bow and stern keep the vessel afloat. A rear tracking skeg on the bottom of the kayak provides stabilization and ensures you stay pointed in the direction you are paddling towards.

Driftsun Transparent Kayak on white

Photo: Courtesy Driftsun

The $1,600 kayak weighs 48 pounds and has a maximum carry capacity of 425 pounds. It comes fully assembled and is accompanied by two ergonomic aluminum paddles that match the electric orange color of the balloons. And the best thing? On your next nautical expedition, you won’t even need to get wet to get a prime view of the undersea world below.

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