Driftwood Custom Surfboards

WHAT: Environmentally friendly, durable hollow-core surfboards  

WHY: Reclaimed wood and driftwood are suited for surfing

Seeking an alternative to foam-core, plastic-coated surfboards—which are often made with unrecyclable materials and toxic chemicals—Driftwood Surfboards founder and surfer David Forsyth began handcrafting hollow-core surfboards using cutting-edge, computer-based CNC technology and lightweight, hard-wearing, nontoxic materials such as reclaimed floorboards and church pews, sustainably grown local cedar, ultrastrong paulownia wood, and Celtic Sea driftwood that washes up on the shores of Newquay in southern England near his workshop. Each wooden surfboard is one-of-a-kind and can be customized. The interior structure consists of precision-cut, marine-grade plywood, which is covered on both sides with recycled or locally sourced timber strips and then wrapped in fiberglass or silk and sealed using plant resin. On the water, the board’s hollow core makes it more responsive and provides more momentum than foam-cored counterparts; surfers can drop into waves quicker and ride them longer. Prices for a custom surfboard start around $2,000.



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