Ferrari’s Latest Prancing Horse Gallops on Two Wheels Instead of Four

Created by Ferrari and Italian bicycle builder Bianchi, this carbon-fiber road bike is engineered for diehard cyclists and triathletes.

Some bike manufacturers are fond of calling their products “the Ferrari of bicycles,” but only one new bike can wear the title without a shred of hyperbole. The Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari is a tony two-wheeler created in partnership between the iconic motorsports team and 125-year-old Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi.

The high-performance bike launched late last month at Eurobike—the world’s largest cycling show—in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Built to appeal to cyclists and motorsports enthusiasts alike, the collaborative creation of carbon-fiber and aerodynamic architecture is more than just a showpiece; it’s equipped to meet the demands of diehard cyclists and triathletes.

The Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari SF01 road model is most notable for its light weight—its frame weighs just 1.7 pounds—and is derived from Bianchi’s Specialissima bike. The F1-inspired cycle is equipped with a saddle made from 3k carbon fiber, the same material used to construct Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 race-car seats. Rounding out the package are Italian Fulcrum wheels built with a special rubber compound for efficiency and puncture resistance for all riding conditions. The bike is hand-painted with detailed graphics and available in either Rosso Corsa red or Nero Setoso black (Scuderia Ferrari’s signature colors).

The Triathlon Concept—still in the prototype stage—is designed with the competitive cyclist in mind. Boasting a premium integrated disc-brake system and utilizing a proprietary vibration-canceling technology—claimed to eliminate 80 percent of all vibrations—helping make long-distance treks a breeze. To make the bike as aerodynamic as possible, Bianchi’s engineers drew inspiration from the lines and solutions used by the Ferrari team for their Formula 1 race cars.

The stylish SF01 speed demon is priced at $18,000 and can be ordered through Bianchi’s website or by calling 510.264.1001. First deliveries are expected to roll out in November and December.

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