FrontRunners: Pin Points

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Golfers at the Tiburón Club in Naples, Fla., and 16 other courses across North America and Australia can no longer blame bad shots on misguided yardage estimates. The courses, which include Dayton Valley in Nevada and Maryland National near Washington, D.C., are the first to integrate a new system from Vancouver, B.C.–based GPS Industries ( that pinpoints a player’s position anywhere from tee to green. Golfers can attach the system’s color GPS devices to their carts or bags and obtain precise distance measurements from their location to the hole. “Caddies can carry your clubs and get you water,” says Blake Ponuick, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, “but in terms of information, GPS is there.”

In addition to yardage details, the GPS Industries devices provide hole overviews and even wireless Internet access from locations throughout the participating courses. The devices are not available for purchase by individual consumers, nor has the technology been approved by the PGA.

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