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9 Stylish Beach Towels That Look as Good as Your Swim Suit

Surf's up.

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You know you’re at a great resort—or a posh pool party—if the beach towels are that ideal combo of thick, soft and long enough even for tall guys. While it’s not quite summer yet, it’s not too early to think about investing in some proper beach paraphernalia now before you venture to the closest sandy shore or invite family and friends (finally!) for a dunk. Unlike their bathroom brethren, beach towels are typically a bit thinner, so they’re a bit less absorbent, and they also dry faster. Plus, they’re often much longer, so there’s plenty of room to sit back and relax on one underneath the sun. Perhaps most importantly of all, they’re more colorful and fun than most towels you’d use to dry off after a shower. The beach towel you pick matters a fair bit, then, as you’ll be competing with friends and others around you for who has the most stylish—and cozy—threads. Here, nine of our favorites.

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