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How to Buy Like Mike: Where to Get Michael Jordan’s Favorite Tequila, Cigar, Watch and More

Nine items that will help you live life just like His Airness.

Michael Jordan 1997 with the Chicago BullsMichael Jordan 1997 Globe Photos/mediapunch/Shutters

Although some contrarians will argue otherwise, both casual fans and diehard hoops junkies agree that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. And ESPN’s The Last Dance, a new 10-part documentary about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls’s quest for a sixth title, vividly illustrates why the six-time NBA champion is held in such high regard. But the must-see series also highlights just how big of a deal Jordan was. He wasn’t just the most popular basketball player of the ‘90s, he was one of the decade’s most famous people in general.

As Dennis Rodman’s former agent Dwight Manley told Robb Report, Jordan and the Bulls teammates were a “crazy phenomenon” throughout the decade. They weren’t just a team you casually kept tabs on, they were a team the entire world stopped and watched. Everyone knew who Jordan was and wanted to be him. That’s why “Be Like Mike” became such an iconic ad campaign (and why Gatorade recently brought back after 28 years). But being like Mike wasn’t just about drinking Gatorade and dunking the ball. Here are nine ways you can dress and play like His Airness did then and continues to do today.

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