Galvin Green’s New Waterproof Gear Will Have Golfers Swingin’ in the Rain

The Swedish company’s latest offerings are lighter, more waterproof, and more comfortable than ever.

In the United States, rainfall is excuse enough for golfers to stay home. Not so in Europe, where what we call a downpour is but a “wee mist” and perfect weather for playing 18.

This may explain why golf’s finest rainwear comes from Sweden, can cost more than the latest titanium driver, and has only been available on this side of the Atlantic for about the last five years. It comes from a company called Galvin Green, and if you’re serious about the game—serious enough to play when it’s wet, cold, or wet and cold—it’s the only name you need to know.

Forget golf rainwear that’s heavy, loud, and as easy to swing in as a suit of armor. Galvin Green’s fabrics get lighter, more comfortable, and more waterproof (it uses more Gore-Tex than any golf company worldwide) each year, and its range of both men’s and women’s products continues to expand. They also pioneered the layering of golf apparel, combining fabric technologies to keep you dryer, warmer, or cooler, depending on the conditions.

Among Galvin Green’s new 2018 offerings are some that will be worn by the European Ryder Cup team next September. (We recently profiled the renovations at the home of the 2014 contest, Gleaneagles.) The Alon full-zip jacket, Aden half-zip, and Axel pants (it seems the company shares Ikea’s approach to naming products) all use a new ultralight, Japanese-made three-layer Gore-Tex fabric that stretches, is 15-percent lighter than the company’s previous offerings, is waterproof yet breathable (keeping you dry on the outside without sweating on the inside), and feels like a fine golf shirt rather than an old golf bag. The three are priced from $660 to $695.

Still not going out in the rain? Check out what Galvin Green calls its “jacket to wear 95 out of 100 rounds,” the Lance Interface-1 Hybrid. It is joined in the Interface-1 collection by the Lars short-sleeve jacket, the Larry full-zip jacket, and the Logan padded vest. All are super-lightweight, soft, and stretchy, while also being both windproof and water-repellent. And because all Interface-1 garments are exceptionally breathable, they work on their own or layered with other pieces. The trio of alliteratively named gear is priced from $330 t $460

So no more excuses: Grab a new club, maybe some of the latest hi-tech course gear, get outside, and play!

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