The Good Kurl

As a follow-up to his $1.3 million Dragon surfboard, Roy Stuart has launched his newest creation, the Hotkurl, which after six months and 800 hours of labor was launched this summer. Stuart says the board—priced at $1.47 million—has a teardrop shape with a 9-inch cutaway spitfire fin, a 4-inch-diameter half-pipe vortex tunnel, and a hand-operated stainless steel vent. In layman’s terms, the board is designed to deliver unparalleled comfort as well as artistic design, as the hollowed, empress wood frame is itself a thing of beauty, and the tail is detailed with gold lettering that spells out “Kurl” written in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fëanorian script. Each board is made to order and created by hand, rendering no two exactly alike.

Roy Stuart, +647.8821.560, www.roystuart.biz

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