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25 Extravagant, Over-the-Top Gifts for the Adventurous Tycoon on Your List

What do you get for the person who has everything? Everything else.

GMT Master Rolex, Submarine, Customized Supercar, WineWall Photo: Courtesy Craft & Tailored; Courtesy Rob Aarsen; Courtesy House of Bijan; Courtesy Wine Cab

What do you give that special person who has it all? For the man who doesn’t just ride in private jets—he owns a fleet of them. Ideally, treasures you can’t find even in the most expensive boutiques, or peerless experiences that they’d never think of themselves. When the price is no obstacle, the only limit is the imagination of the giver, so we assembled extravagant gift ideas that are sure to elicit childlike joy from even the most spoiled and pampered scion in your life. Many are Robb Report exclusives. From a two-person safari and never-before-offered sleepover with endangered gorillas in the Congo bush to a matching Embraer Phenom 300E business jet and Porsche 911 Turbo S, here are our recommendations for the ultimate, over-the-top gifts for your favorite tycoon.

Meet the Jetsons: Buy Your Very Own Flying Car Now

Pal-V's Pioneer Liberty Edition is now on sale and will be available in 2022.

The Pal-V has a sophisticated, Italian-designed interior with multiple dash controls for flying and driving.  Courtesy Pal-V

The sci-fi fantasy of owning a flying car will soon be a reality, thanks to the recent road certification by European Union authorities of the Pal-V Liberty. The Dutch company now expects completion of the Pal-V’s air certification by EASA, the European Union’s equivalent to the FAA, late next year. That means one of the first Pal-V Liberty Pioneer editions can be yours in 2022 for $599,000, with available options totaling $150,000. The two-person Pioneer comes with an exclusive color scheme or one of your choosing, an Italian-designed interior with premium leathers and layout, a hand-laid carbon fiber exterior, dual controls (for flying and driving) and pre-flight instruction at the Pal-V Flight Academy.

Pal V-6 Flying Car is For Sale Now

The body was designed to be compact so with the rotors and wings in, it can fit into a garage.  Courtesy Pal-V

The technology includes dual engines for land and air travel, curve stabilization across the body and wings for added flight stability, and a maximum takeoff weight of 2,000 lbs. Its 100-hp automotive engine pushes the Pioneer to a top speed of 100 mph, while the 200-hp engine for airplane mode delivers an 87-mph cruise speed and 112-mph top end. With just a driver, its maximum range is 311 miles. The Pioneer was designed as a compact vehicle, so with wings down, it can fit in your garage. The limited-series Liberty Pioneer can be pre-ordered.

Learn More: Here

The Duet: A Bespoke Embraer Phenom 300E and Porsche 911 Turbo S

Embraer and Porsche Duet combination business jet and supercar

The first pairing of its kind: The Embraer Phenom 300E is the best-selling business jet in its class and the Porsche 911 Turbo S is a supercar with few peers.  Courtesy Embraer

Embraer and Porsche have banded together to create a bespoke, limited-edition Phenom 300E and Porsche 911 Turbo S, aptly named the Duet. The jet- and car-maker’s design teams collaborated on many facets of the pairing, including devising a futuristic custom logo that represents both brands, similar details on the interior, and creating the Duet’s signature exterior colors. The series will be limited to ten, with each owner issued a special badge that can be incorporated into the logo.

Porsche 911 Turbo S part of the Duet with Embraer Phenom 300E

Even the 911’s wheel rims were painted to match the Embraer’s exterior colors.  Courtesy Porsche

Embraer’s designers fashioned seats for the Phenom 300E patterned after the 911, with both featuring red pull straps, a Speed Blue accent stitch, and carbon-fiber shrouds. Porsche also used a unique color combination for the 911’s steering wheel to match the jet’s yoke, while adding an artificial horizon—inspired by aircraft instrumentation—to the stopwatch in the Sport Chrono package. The exterior paint pallet shows the depth of the partnership. For the first time, the 911 has a combined gloss and satin-gloss paintwork.

Porsche Embraer business jet and 911 Targa S have similar interiors

The designers of both companies collaborated to create interiors with the same color schemes and even similar seating. 

The Porsche’s upper body is finished with Platinum Silver Metallic that transitions to Jet Gray Metallic at the bottom. Dividing the two colors is a strip in Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue. The 911’s air intakes are also painted in Brilliant Chrome to match the leading-edge nacelles of a jet aircraft. Duet customers will also receive a custom luggage set, including a pilot’s bag and two weekenders, along with a special-edition Porsche Design 1919 Globe timer UTC titanium-case watch, inspired by the aircraft’s cockpit. Prices start at $10.9 million and the first deliveries are expected next year.

Contact Embraer: Here

Timepieces of Kings

Breguet Classic 1907 Timepiece

This stunning reproduction of a Breguet Classic 1907 Timepiece uses a mechanism that was state of the art in its day.  Courtesy Breguet

Breguet’s Classique 1907, known among collectors as much for its mechanism as its looks, is one of two unusually rare reproductions the watchmaker is showing to Robb Report readers. The 18-karat yellow gold case is comprised of two secret covers—one to hide the stunning face, and the other the movement assembly. They are decorated with a barleycorn pattern, which is extremely difficult to achieve due to the curve of the covers. Only one in-house artisan still has the skill set to do this artwork. The dial, silvered and engine-turned in 18-karat gold with a Clous de Paris pattern, is individually numbered and signed Breguet. The face reveals the mechanical complexity of the tourbillon at 4 o’clock which, unlike conventional tourbillons, is held by a single arm. At 7 o’clock, it displays the hammers that activate the grand strike mechanism. This timepiece has a new manually wound movement produced at the Breguet Manufacture.

Breguet replica No. 5 starting price at $2 million

The Breguet No. 5 is also a replica, but so meticulously crafed that it shows why it became favorites of royalty like Marie-Antoinette.  Courtesy Breguet

The second, perhaps even more exquisite, pocket watch is the 54-mm Breguet No. 5 quarter repeater, a reproduction of an 18th-century piece with a case of 18-karat yellow gold and dial in silvered gold. The Roman numerals on the chapter ring of the silvered-gold dial were engraved and then painted black by hand. Beyond its showcase beauty, the watch is historically significant because the No. 5 was one of the world’s early self-winding pocket watches, or perpétuelles. The original was sold to Count Journiac-Saint-Meard on March 14, 1794 for 3,600 francs and was purchased at Antiquorum in 2001 by Breguet CEO Nicolas G. Hayek for CHF 1,115,000 (approximately $683,588 according to exchange rates at the time). Only a few members of the aristocracy, including Queen Marie-Antoinette and the Duke of Orleans, owned a perpétuelle. Breguet sold about 60 units from 1787 to 1823. For collectors interested in an acquisition, Breguet will arrange a private viewing of the two timepieces in either Beverly Hills or Las Vegas, and post-purchase, it will host a celebratory lunch with Breguet’s U.S. president. Prices start at $1 million for the 1907, and $2 million for the No. 5. 

Contact Breguet: Here

The Sommelier With Artificial Intelligence

WineWall by Wine Cab Is like an Sommelier with Artificial Intelligence

This 15-foot WineWall is not only temperature controlled, but also has a six-axis robotic arm and facial-recognition software with advanced technology. Its AI sommelier identifies 600,000 labels.  Courtesy Wine Cab

When Mark Chaney, founder of Calvary Robotics, became housebound with a long-term illness, he realized advanced technology could modernize an unlikely candidate—his wine collection. The WineWall that Chaney created through his startup, WineCab, bears a vague resemblance to an oversized vending machine, but its slick design and tech features make it more likely to be in a smart home 20 years from now. Facial-recognition software, advanced environmental controls and a sommelier-style artificial intelligence that identifies 600,000 vintages by label separate the WineWall from anything else on the market. The 6-axis, high-speed robotic arm, created specifically for this system, loads, scans and dispenses bottles as elegantly (smoothness was programmed in) as a veteran sommelier presenting a rare Screaming Eagle Cav. The arm is programmed to use minimal pressure and force, while three cameras track its movement.

WineWall Sommelier with Artificial Intelligence

Courtesy WineCab

To safeguard your wine, the WineWall has facial recognition software that identifies the “power” user—you—and any authorized users. The power user can lock out single bottles, as desired, or even the whole collection. The unit also has motion sensors that detect unwanted advances toward the wine. The WineCab controls temperature and humidity levels through its 2,500-BTU cooling unit, the quietest system Chaney could find. An app lets you track the temperature and humidity levels on your phone, while WineCab has several wine experts who can provide advice for owners. Internal software pairs each selected wine with food, and even lets the owner rate the wine and store the comments. The 15-foot WineWall pictured above starts at $249,000, while less-expensive units come in a smaller 11-foot version and even smaller Curio Classic. Its limited production will allow owners to select lighting, trim materials and finishes.

Contact WineCab: Here

 A Speedboat with A Royal Pedigree

JCraft's Acheron is part of the Swedish Boat Builder's Limited Edition Series

Courtesy J-Craft

A custom design fit for a king. That’s the definition of a 42-foot handmade J Craft boat. Designed and built on the Swedish island of Gotland, which is enveloped by the Baltic Sea, each mahogany-decked model oozes post-Viking appeal. The first J Craft was built 20 years ago for Herunder, the Swedish King. Today, a limited number are built to order annually. Each J Craft combines the latest technologies with 8,000 hours of artisanal craftsmanship wrapped up in a vintage design. The glass cockpit comes equipped with a hand-stitched leather-clad state-of-the-art navigation system. The hand-carved wooden steering wheel is the same as the one found in Ferrari’s 250 GTO. Varnished cabinetry, ambient lighting and a hydraulic rising table make the retro interior both flexible and indulgent. But J Craft are rapid racers, too.

JCraft's Acheron is part of the Swedish builder's limited-edition of motorboats

Delivered to her owner in October 2020, Acheron (pictured above) is the latest custom model and the first J Craft Torpedo RS. A joystick-controlled twin Volvo Penta IPS 650 engine pushes the J Craft to 47 knots. Accommodating four guests in two cabins, Acheron is a true Nordic ocean queen. The next available build slot for a summer 2021 delivery could be yours, starting at a mere $1.4 million

Contact J Craft: Here

When a Customized Supercar Becomes Drivable Art

Aston Martin Bijan Edition DBS Lagonda is for sale

Courtesy House of Bijan

A stunning yellow supercar was recently unveiled by two very different houses: The House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive and Aston Martin, the storied British marque favored by James Bond. Nicolas Bijan took delivery of the bespoke Aston Martin Bijan Edition DBS Superleggera and is offering car number one to readers for $515,000. He is also ready to aid in the conception of car number two, though the next can also be a convertible and does not have to be yellow. The exterior and interior can be any color combination, including one-off colors, along with possible features like a Bijan Paisley Design hand-painted in a ghosted metallic finish on the hood of the vehicle, alligator leather across the interior, and even a motto that is dear to the new owner written somewhere on the interior’s wood or carbon fiber.

The Aston Martin Bijan Edition Has Many Quirky Designs from the Los Angeles Clothier

The detailing on the Bijan edition of the Aston Martin DB Superleggera includes many custom features like this oversized button and the Bijan signature.  Courtesy House of Bijan

For Robb Report readers, the next DB Superleggera will be more than a one-off design, but a complete experience in which the client visits Bijan’s flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, working with Nicolas on the initial concept and details, and eventually traveling to the Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, Warwickshire, to collaborate with the Q Design team on the final touches.

Nicolas Bijan besides his customized Aston Martin supercar

Nicolas Bijan beside his bespoke, bright-yellow Aston Martin supercar.  Courtesy House of Bijan

Even without a bespoke design, the DB Superleggera is a graceful rocket, with a 715-hp twin-turbo V-12 that propels it from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. With the Bijan design, the supercar becomes drivable art. You can call 310.273.6544 to register your interest, or click the link below to send the store an email.  

Contact J Craft: Here

A Very Private African Safari

A private safari in the Congo by Mavros Safaris

Congo Conservation Company

African tours involving species like gorillas, lions and elephants have typically become cattle-car excursions for tourists wanting to snap images and then move to the next sight. But Mavros Safaris, in partnership with the Congo Conservation Company, is moving in a very different direction with its low-impact, eco-conscious expedition into the heart of the Congo Basin. Unlike any other African safari, this will be a private tour for two Robb Report readers. They will be guided by primatologists and other experts who have become custodians of critically endangered western lowland gorillas in this remote region. The 11-day trip will include a trek through the rainforest to visit the gorillas, followed by dinner with primatologist Dr. Magdalena Barmejo, considered the world’s leading expert on this species. The end of the adventure is something that has never been offered to any visitor: An overnight camp-out at Dzebe Bai, home to several gorilla families, where you will sleep near the gorillas. In between the gorilla visits will be nature treks, river cruises and hikes through rainforests to waterfalls.

Private Safari in the Congo to see Lowland Gorillas

This exclusive safari for two is not the typical tourist bus ride, like most wildlife tours in Africa, but an 11-day adventure with up-close and personal access to endangered species by day, and relaxing nighttime quarters in the bush.  Congo Conservation Company

The trip will also include visits with the heads of both the Congo Conservation Company, which is promoting a low-impact, sustainable tourism model, and Africa Parks and Wildlife Conservation Society. There is also a night hike to see the endangered giant Pangolin. Given the total immersion of this experience, the safari could be a life-altering experience. The cost per person starts at $75,000, based on two people traveling, including business-class air travel from New York, domestic flights and transfers, accommodation, privately guided activities, meals, drinks and exclusive conservation study with experts in the field.

Contact Mavros Safaris: Here

 A Village of One’s Own

E.B. Morgan House in Aurora, New York where a person can rent the whole village

The lakeside E.B. Morgan House is included in an experience where readers can rent out the village of Aurora, New York.  Courtesy Inns of Aurora

Take over an inn and a spa in a lakeside Upstate New York town as you embark on a series of private experiences. The Inns of Aurora resort is made up of five restored historic residences that encompass the Village of Aurora. Whoever purchases this package will not only get the run of the Village and one of the inns all to themselves, but will be the first guests to experience the resort’s new 15,000-square-foot spa and healing center.

Aurora Village in upstate New York can be rented out in its entirety

The Zabriskie House is also included in the village package. 

Besides hydro-therapy pools and steam rooms, the spa offers Ayurveda consultations, tarot readings and restorative yoga. Bespoke outdoor activities include fishing, archery and snowshoeing lessons along the resort’s newly-built, 3.5-mile outdoor trail system. The experience, exclusive to Robb Report readers, will start at $70,000 and be available during May. Contact 315.364.8828 for more information.

Learn More: Here

Louis Vuitton Takes Up Billiards

Louis Vuitton Billiards Table

Courtesy Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s longstanding game collection includes made-to-order chess and backgammon cases, not to mention croquet trunks. Its recently introduced pocket Billiards table opens a new realm for the French design firm. The tables will be available in multiple color combinations, with a choice of its iconic Monogram motif, or the darker Monogram Eclipse or Damier Graphite monogram. A version in Epi leather creates an undulated texture for the table’s exterior, while buyers can also choose colors like cyan and fuchsia, with the option of a bi-colored navy and pistachio variation. The billiards table will be created with the same level of craftsmanship that goes into all Louis Vuitton trunks, and will include the House canvases and leathers that sheath the table’s wooden body. The table’s corners will have naturally tanned cowhide leather, with each edge colored by hand. Metallic hardware completes the table. The package includes billiard balls—painted with flowers from the Monogram pattern—as well as cues and a leather triangle.  Prices range from $110,000 for canvas to leather and Epi leathers for $135,000. Call 866.VUITTON for more information.

Learn More: Here

Celebrating 2021 at a California Institution

Cakebread Vineyards in Napa Valley

Courtesy Cakebread

The holidays are synonymous with eating and drinking, so why not take a small group for a private culinary immersion experience? At Napa’s Cakebread Cellars, up to six guests can spend two days with culinary director Brian Streeter for what the cellar calls an “epicurean adventure.” The excursion will include visits to Hog Island Oysters for freshly shucked mollusks and Point Reyes Creamery for a wine and cheese pairing course.

Cakebread in Napa Valley

Cakebread’s chefs prepare pastries for pairing with the estate’s wines. A cookery class, tours of the winemaking facilities and vineyards, and trips to a local creamery and oyster bar will be included in this epicurean adventure.  Courtesy Cakebread

Adventurers will also spend time in the winery’s kitchen and robust garden while taking a cooking class highlighting seasonal produce. Members of the Cakebread family and the Cellar’s winemaking team will lead a tour of the state-of-the-art winemaking facilities, followed by a specialized tasting curated to the guests’ preferences. The program will wind up with a luxury dinner with great wines and exceptional food. An exclusive offer to Robb Report readers, the feast for six starts $10,000 and can be redeemed any time in 2021 (pending Covid restrictions).

Contact Cakebread: Here

An Exclusive Savile Row Overcoat From the Heart of Manhattan

Cad and the Dandy Exclusive Outfitting for Bespoke Overcoat in Manhattan

The Vicuna Experience for Robb Report readers includes made-to-order outerwear and a memorable afternoon in either Manhattan or Paris, with some of the world’s best tailors and fabric makers.  Mitchell Vito

Savile Row clothier Cad and The Dandy, which has transported its tailoring skills to Manhattan, is offering exclusive Vicuna Outerwear to Robb Report readers, along with a highly tailored experience (pun intended). Partnering with the House of Dormeuil, the clothier is providing an afternoon in New York that includes collection from a metro airport in a luxury town car, a welcome glass of champagne in a private suite for the client (at either The Lowell or The Mark hotels). Then comes a brief introduction to both Cad and The Dandy and The House of Dormeuil, the storied Paris-based fabric maker that was founded in 1842.

Cad and the Dandy Exclusive Outfitting for Bespoke Overcoat in Manhattan

The overcoat is made from the softest, most luxurious wool from the Vicuna, a lesser-known cousin to the llama in the Andes. Cad and The Dandy works closely with clients to ensure the style they want. 

After a nouvelle South American-themed lunch with select wines, The House of Dormeuil will present Extreme Vicuna outerwear fabrics for the client’s selection, followed by an exclusive fitting by Cad and The Dandy. The Vicuna, a native of the Andes and cousin to the llama, has the world’s most luxurious wool. The clients would also have the option of choosing vintage fabrics for other garments to be purchased separately. After the fitting, the afternoon would close with a cocktail and light hors d’oeuvres in the suite. The experience continues weeks later, with a toile fitting (where a preliminary mock-up of the overcoat and additional orders are presented for fitting), and the final fitting for any minor alterations. The same experience will be offered in Paris, with Cad and The Dandy’s head pattern maker traveling from Savile Row to do the fitting. The $67,000 cost includes the complete Vicuna Experience, minus travel costs. Call 917.400.4840 for more information, or register your interest with an email through the link below.

Contact Cad and the Dandy: Here

Pilot your Own Sub in Shark-Infested Waters

SUBMARINE Training Aboard a Superyacht

Courtesy Rob Aarsen

Few people get to dive in a submarine. Even fewer have the chance of learning to pilot one while chartering the 279-foot superyacht Bold in the palm-fringed Dutch Caribbean. Robb Report has teamed with expedition company Cookson to curate an exclusive aquatic adventure with an inside track on submersibles. The trip begins in Curaçao where U-Boat Worx’s training crew brings a three-person sub to launch from the yacht in different locations around the island. Guests take the helm and master the art of diving in a submersible, progressively going for longer and deeper dives. The excitement steps up with shipwreck dives in Aruba, and some serious shark action in Bonaire. With expert guidance, guests come face to face with whale sharks—the largest fish in the ocean—and juvenile lemon sharks that swim among colorful coral.

Learn how to pilot a UBoat Worx submersible in the ABC Islands

The gin-clear Caribbean Sea near the ABC Islands is the ideal setting for learning how to pilot a personal submersible as well as chartering one of the world’s coolest new superyachts.  Courtesy Cookson Adventures

There’s even a little desert island twist that involves custom treasure hunts, private beach parties, overnight castaway experiences and friendly pirate encounters for the kids. The Leeward Antilles enjoy a year-round warm climate, but July-October has a small hurricane window that is best avoided. Price: $850,000 for the submarine course, yacht charter and another $100,000 for private air travel from NYC area. Total: $950,000-$1 million.

Contact Cookson Adventures: Here

George Cleverley Bespoke ‘Carbon Alligator’ Shoes & Workshop Tour

George Cleverley Bespoke Alligator Shoes Bespoke

Courtesy George Cleverley

G.J. Cleverley recently worked with its tannery in Italy to develop a new “carbon finish” alligator skin—real alligator with the look and texture of a rubberized tech material—that is unlike any other finish on the market. “The idea was to create a super-matte finish,” CEO George Glasgow told Robb Report. “It is understated, with a soft and luxurious feeling to it. We use only grade-1 skins.”

George Cleverley alligator shoes with a carbon finish are offered to Robb Report readers with an experience

The one-of-a-kind shoes are custom-fitted and made to order in London.  George Cleverley

The London firm is offering Robb Report readers an exclusive opportunity to experience a day in the life of a master shoemaker by visiting the Cleverley workshop in London’s Mayfair, with a personal tour by Glasgow and the workshop’s director. Besides learning the craft behind some of the world’s finest shoes—aficionados range from the Earl of Lichfield to Sty Stallone—participants will actually select the skin and do a custom fitting for their bespoke pair of Carbon Alligator shoes. The $25,000 experience will also include lunch at Annabels, London’s finest private members club, with a significant other invited for the tour and lunch. If you’d rather have just the Carbon Alligators, priced around $7,500, George Cleverley’s trunk show visits 12 U.S. cities twice a year for custom measurements.

Contact George Cleverley: Here

Getting A Made-to-Measure Italian Overcoat from The Comfort of Home 

Canali Overcoat Made to Order

Courtesy Canali

Canali is offering Robb Report readers its made-to-measure service for its Kei topcoat, as part of its winter collection. The Su Misura service guides clients through the entire process, with its master tailors advising on what cut will suit each client’s lifestyle and physique, to choosing the best shades and materials. Canali’s Kei line, one of its most popular, is wide-ranging. The Look 37 is a single-breasted, three-button coat in double-faced camel wool and beaver, with camel wrap and gesso weft, patch-flap pockets and a jetted breast pocket. The Look 42, by contrast, is also a single-breasted, double-faced wool coat, but with taupe and teal Prince of Wales warp and blue weft and similar pocket styles. Su Misura’s beauty is that you can modify the coat for an entirely bespoke look, since the company has a catalog of different fabrics for the outer fabric and liner. The made-to-measure process begins with consultants taking your measurements in a boutique (Canali tailors also do twice-yearly trunk shows around the U.S.), and then sending them to Italy where Canali’s pattern makers design and tailor the coat. In four weeks—presto—it arrives at your door. Prices start at $3,050. Call 855.893.8164 for more information.

Learn More: Here

Collector’s GMT Master Rolex For The Retro Pilot In All of Us

Collector's Item GMT Master Rolex

Craft & Tailored

One of the most iconic pieces ever produced by the Rolex company, the GMT Master was initially designed for Pan Am pilots, but quickly became a symbol of the jet-setting lifestyle.  This 1984 example, curated by Craft + Tailored for Robb Report readers, has a number of special features that reveal a level of detail that only the most discerning collectors will recognize. First, the case is unpolished and thereby has retained its original factory finish, with the chamfers on the lugs clearly visible. This watch has also retained its original dial and hands as well as its original bezel insert. An even closer look reveals that its specific 16750 reference was retailed by Tiffany & Co., thus adding an extra level of provenance and rarity. Priced at $43,000.

Contact Craft and Tailored: Here

The Sweetest of Dreams

Savoir Ocean Bed Is a New Design by Bill Amberg

Courtesy Savoir Beds

Savoir’s new Ocean bed combines the old world and the new with an innovative leather printing technique and traditional craftsmanship. The subtle blue design is a collaboration with designer Bill Amberg, who is also a leather specialist. The way light refracts through the water in the early morning inspired Amberg to use watercolors and experiment with spraying techniques. The results are the elegant marbling patterns seen on the head- and footboards.

Savoir Ocean Bed By Bill Amberg

Designer Bill Amberg used a new digital printing technique on the Savoir Ocean, so that the leather on the head- and footboards is an exact duplicate of the painting that inspired the concept. The new process also helps maintain the design over time, with no cracking or fading.  Courtesy Savoir Beds

A solid-brass frame is a handsome partner to the soft-hued leather watercolor. Like all Savoir beds, the Ocean is crafted by a skilled craftsman. Working at individual oak trestles, every element of the bed–from mattress, box spring and topper to the legs and headboard–is handmade. Savoir uses only the finest natural materials, horsetail, Tengri Nobel Yak Fibres, cashmere, cotton and wool to enhance the quality and comfort of its beds. The U.K. firm makes fewer than 1,000 beds a year, with the idea that each must stand the test of time. Ocean, with a Savoir No. 3 bed set, is priced from $71,115. Call 212.226.3640 for more information.

Learn More: Here

An Underwater Safari Across Three Oceans with An Award-Winning Film Maker

Ocean Safari In Three Oceans

Learning about rare species is a privilege. Encountering them in the wild is even better. But immersing yourself among endangered marine life alongside Emmy award-winning underwater filmmaker, photographer and marine conservationist Shawn Heinrichs sounds like an adventure fantasy come true. For three very different experiences, VistaJet has partnered with experiential experts, Based On A True Story, to fly eight guests around the world on an exclusive Robb Report underwater safari. The journey begins in April with fine dining and wine onboard a VistaJet private aircraft.

The charter yacht Silolona is used in in one leg of an exclusive tour of three oceans around the world

The Silolona serves as base in one of the world’s most pristine marine wonderlands off the coast of Indonesia.  Courtesy VistaJets

Touch down in Raja Ampat, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, and cruise the enchanting archipelago on the Indonesian phinisi sailing yacht, Silolona. Spend 10 days kayaking and diving the clear oceans with Heinrichs, in search of giant manta rays. The experience will be captured by professional photographers and preserved in a leather-bound book. Come July, snorkel with colossal whale sharks in Mexico’s Caribbean Sea, then kick back in your private oceanfront suite on Isla Mujeres in the holistic wellness retreat Zoëtry Villa Rolandi. The trip culminates in August with majestic humpback whales in Tonga, where guests spend 10 days in tree houses located on the idyllic private island of Fetoko. Priced from $1 million for up to eight people, not including VistaJet flights.

Contact VistaJet: Here

A Hermès Globe That Defines Constellations

A new globe by Hermes shows many constellations

Courtesy Studio Hermès

Even if it’s not yet possible to travel to the stars, one can still admire them with the stunning globe and celestial map from Studio Hermès. Seventeen inches in diameter, the globe’s detailed mapping includes the Milky Way and other star systems. Printed and sheathed in Swift calfskin, the studio’s design team used a Prussian blue background to highlight the constellations. The globe, which rotates on gilded stainless-steel rings, was handcrafted in Germany. This is the first public view of the Hermès globe, available at several boutiques across the U.S. for $23,200. Call 800.441.4488 for more information.

Contact Hermes: Here

 The Ultimate Napa Weekend Getaway

Ultimate Napa Valley Wine Weekend

Consider giving a family member or friend a champagne  toast, at Napa Valley’s Franco-inspired Auberge du Soleil resort. The two-night Legacy & Luxury package for four comes with dinner at The French Laundry, a Michelin three-star recipient, and a trip to renowned Heitz Cellar, including private access to a selection of archived vintages, a catered lunch, and a look at the Cellar’s newly renovated tasting salon. Lexus will provide private transportation, so there’s no need to worry about tasting and touring. Back at Auberge du Soleil, guests will enjoy a second tasting, spa appointments and a three-bottle vertical of legacy wines signed by winemaker Brittany Sherwood. The price is $18,000. Call 707.963.3542 for more information.

Learn More: Here

Dining With Daniel Boulud in the Berkshires

Daniel Boulud will Cook for Six Guests at Balyntyre Estate in the Berkshires

Courtesy Blantyre

What if the greatest gift you could give this year is an escape from 2020 itself? Consider traveling back to the Gilded Age with a trip to Blantyre, a five-star resort and spa in the Berkshires, where Daniel Boulud, founder of the Michelin two-star-rated Daniel, will do the cooking and the meal will be complemented by French-made Saint-Louis crystal. Guests will stay in the Manor House, a Tudor-style manse dating to 1902, that features a large central hall with leaded glass, period furnishings and a light-filled music room.

Blantyre Manor is located in the Berkshires

Blantyre is a five-star Tudor resort in the Berkshires that will be home for a private dinner by Chef Daniel Boulud.  Courtesy Blantyre

Boulud, who runs 16 properties around the globe, will combine elements of his most popular dishes with items from period menus, all presented with decorative serving pieces and the finest glassware from St. Louis. Packages can accommodate up to 12, with a starting price of $14,400 for six. Some restrictions apply. 

Learn More: Here

A Lightning-Bolt Blitz Table

This New Blitz Table by B&B Italia Uses Sustainable Bamboo Wood

Courtesy B&B Italia

Form and function come together in an eye-pleasing relationship with Blitz, a dining table by B&B Italia’s Mario Bellini that resembles a stylized lightning bolt. The $25,000 table, to be built in a limited run of 100, was shown at Milan Design Week. The bamboo frame was chosen for its light weight and sustainable quality. The grain on the surface of the ten-foot-long table is light-colored and textured, contrasting nicely with the black-shellac finish on its underside.

B&B Italia's new Blitz Table

Bamboo was chosen because of its light weight and sustainable qualities.  B&B Italia

The top also folds at the ends, like origami. Bellini, who will autograph each table, said that the inspiration for Blitz came to him as a revelation. “It was more than a table,” he says. “It was a bolt of lightning that passed from my mind to my hands and through the pencil on to the paper.”  Call 212.758.4046 for more information.

Learn More: Here

 Grand Prix Extravaganza

Rent a Chalet and Watch the Grand Prix in Monaco Next Year

Courtesy Richstone Properties

This year, stay home for the holidays while anticipating a one-of-a-kind trip to a villa in the South of France next year. Richstone Collection, a luxury private-home rental company, will make La Bergerie villa, on the grounds of the Terre Blanche Resort, available to one Robb Report reader and 15 guests for two weeks in May. Whoever books this exclusive trip will be at the villa during the Grand Prix.

Grand Prix in Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix can be seen by superyacht on this exclusive trip to the South of France. 

Once there, the entire party will have a chance to watch both practices and races from a superyacht–shuttled back and forth on a helicopter–where breakfast and lunch will be served and the bar will be open all day, including unlimited champagne. The excursions will also include opportunities to meet drivers, and on non-race days, the resort offers everything from a pair of golf courses to a full spa. The total value of the package is $354,000.

Contact Richstone Properties: Here

A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven For Your Foodie Friend’s Patio

Nuke Pizzero is a new wood-fired outdoor oven

Courtesy Nuke

This new outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven isn’t from Italy, but rather a product from Argentina where outdoor cooking—think gauchos—is a national passion. The perfect addition to a foodie’s outdoor barbecue arsenal, the Ñuke Pizzero is a ceramic-insulated, dual-wall, stainless-steel oven with a ceramic cooking floor measuring 29” x 34” that can bake pizzas up to 19 inches in diameter.

Nuke Puzzerò is an Argentinian outdoor wood-fired oven

The wood-fired oven with a ceramic cooking floor is designed to create a crusty top on the food, but sear in flavor. 

The movable fire tray is quick to heat up the oven, so outdoor chefs can sear the toppings while sealing in the moisture of the char-blistered crust. The removable door has an adjustable vent and built-in thermometer, while the 36-inch capped chimney will vent smoke from the chef while keeping wind or rain out. A coal rake and shovel manage the fire, while the steel cart has hideaway wheels for a seamless look, but the ability to move the oven to different areas of the patio.

Buy Now: $1,999

A Magic Box

Jessica McCormack Haas Brothers Collaboration on New Jewelry Box

This whimsical jewel box is a collaboration between designers and artists in Los Angeles and London.  Jessica McCormack

A collaboration between London designer Jessica McCormack, known for her contemporary diamond jewelry, and the Haas brothers has resulted in a beautiful, creative jewelry box. The Los Angeles-based artists used McCormack’s heirloom jewelry box as a canvas to embroider illustrations of classic cartoon characters. The goal for the collaboration was that the artists wanted the box’s owners to feel like they’re escaping into a world of whimsy and simplicity–a world that brings on a smile–from the workaday world. The box is held up by a pair of cartoonish golden legs that epitomize the brothers’ quirky view of the world. This art is more than a jewelry box, but a hybrid of sculpture and furniture. It retails for $55,000, without tax.

Contact Jessica McCormack: Here

By Land and By Sea

The Cliffs at Walnut Grove Offer a Wonderful View of the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina

Courtesy The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

Want an escape to both the mountains and the ocean? South Street Partners, owners of The Cliffs outside Asheville, North Carolina, and The Kiawah Island Club in South Carolina, has created an offer for Robb Report readers that includes a mountain residence and oceanfront home, plus a generous list of experiences. The Cliffs at Walnut Cove has plots ready for gracious mountain living, with exceptional views of the area. The property has a working farm for farm-to-table dining, and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. The Robb Report experience includes a private cooking lesson with Francis Turk, The Cliffs’ senior executive chef; wine-food pairings from its sommelier; a club membership that includes access to the seven golf courses at all seven of The Cliffs properties in North Carolina and South Carolina; a set of custom-fitted PXG golf clubs; and cycling with Tour de France veteran George Hincapie.

The Cliffs at Walnut Grove

With its Tudor style, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove Club offers charm in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains.  The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

A private flight on NetJets will transport you between Asheville and Charleston, and then to Kiawah Island by Mercedes Sprinter. The Club’s Front Nine Lane includes properties with ocean views, and borders a Pete Dye golf course. Lake/Flato architects will work with you to create your dream home. The experience also features a golf-heavy itinerary that includes a game performance diagnosis by Carol Preisinger, Kiawah Island Club’s director of golf instruction; a club fitting with Rusty Mazell, the director of club fitting, with customized clubs and bag; a round of golf with the Bryan Brothers, the club’s golf ambassadors, on the Tom Watson-designed Cassique or Tom Fazio-designed River Course; then there are spa sessions, shooting lessons, a sportfishing charter, and your catch of the day cooked by a James Beard award-winning chef at the Beach Club. The package starts at $6.5 million, though the company says final pricing will depend on the actual home selection and specific elements of the experience. bwood@cliffsliving.com

Contact South Street Partners: Here

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