A Holiday Gift Idea for the Golfer

A ValGrine putter is designed by Gregory Moreau with a precise goal. It’s made with meticulous care and hand-carved precision. It’s not simply the result of what is technologically possible, but of what is technologically useful. 

With a remarkably enjoyable design that gives comfort  and confidence, ValGrine sets a very high level. This technical jewel contains in its heart more innovations and patents than you would imagine. ValGrine confirms its leadership status with power, precision, regularity and performance. Everything is intuitive: the management of the speed center, the alignment, the management of vibrations.

Work on biomechanics, morphopsychology and acoustics allow a ValGrine to become one with the player. Thirty Master craftsmen spend more than 10 hours performing more than 1,000 operations to create a single ValGrine putter. 


Prices begin at €12.684. For more information, visit www.valgrine.com or phone +33 477 479 513.

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