Kanz Field Kitchen

WHAT: Fully equipped kitchen elevates camp grub to gourmet fare

WHY: Stylish, functional, impermeable to bears 

Industrial designer Harald Kanz is also an avid outdoorsman and cook, which led him to combine his passions in this functional camp kitchen, designed with 15 years of thought and experimentation (including bear testing). The Kanz Field Kitchen ($1,595 fully equipped) offers everything a great outdoors cook needs—from a can opener and cooking pots to dishes—all fitting in place in the nearly indestructible container, made of marine-grade aluminum and wood. The high-quality components include a propane stove by Partner Steel, used by adventure travelers in the know; Snow Peak stainless-steel pots and cast-iron frying pan; GSI percolator for morning coffee; enameled-steel plates and bowls; stainless-steel mugs; and a complement of restaurant-quality utensils.



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