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This New Transparent Paddleboard Lets You See the Ocean Beneath Your Feet

The board also features two rows of LED lights to illuminate the water.

Loave Le StandUp paddleboard Loave

Can a simple paddleboard give you a window into the mysteries of the sea? One company thinks so.

French recreation brand Loeva has created a new standing paddleboard that’s all about transparency: The Le StandUp, as it’s called, is constructed with mostly clear materials, creating a window-like board that offers unobstructed views of the ocean below your feet.


Loeva Le Standup paddleboard

Loeva Le StandUp paddleboard  Loave

The Le Standup, which measures 128 inches by 31 inches, is at once just like any other paddleboard and also completely different. It’s shaped like a standard board but is made with a special type of acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp. The material is not only transparent; it’s shock- and scratch-resistant. These two crystal-clear segments are bonded together by a white aerospace-grade carbon structure that keeps the board both light (just 44 pounds) and sturdy.

The transparent construction isn’t the only standout feature, either. The Le StandUp is equipped with two rows of ultra-white LED lights that can illuminate the water in front of the board for up 50 feet. Powered by a LifePo4 battery, the board promises up to three hours of illuminated paddling for those nighttime water excursions.

Loave LE Standup paddleboard

The Le StandUp’s fin  Loave

“The ultra-transparency immerses you in the aquatic fauna and flora,” the brand says of Le StandUp. “The Loeva universe invites you into an exclusive and privileged dimension, in limited editions; each board is numbered.”

Loeva had not announced release dates or pricing for the limited-edition Le StandUp. Each board will come with a dolphin-like fin, a leash (lest you get fall in the water) and a charger with an international adaptor—because you never know where transparent paddleboarding will take you.

If you’d like to see the water glide beneath your feet on your next trip to the lake, reach out to Loeva for more information. Just make sure to pick up some paddles. They aren’t included.

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