This May Be the Sleekest Ping-Pong Table You’ll Ever See

The 11 Ravens Avettore looks like a jet airplane poised to take off from a runway…

Describing the design of the new 11 Ravens Avettore table-tennis table (11ravens.com), Bernard Semerdjian says, “The curve of the legs looks like the wings of a jet airplane. It looks like it’s going fast just sitting there.” Semerdjian is the design director for 11 Ravens, which offers a variety of stylish game tables. He’s been with the company since its founding 5 years ago in Los Angeles and says that he and his coworkers are avid table-tennis players. “We play it every day,” he says, “which made us think, what if we inject some art into this and bring it to the next level?”

The Avettore’s prices range from $26,000 for a basic model in solid maple or oak to $48,000 for a limited-edition Aereo made of Lucite and lined with bison leather. 

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