A Hands-On Look at Mizuno’s New MP-18 MMC Golf Irons

Mizuno’s latest irons are ideal for amateurs trying to improve their handicaps—or pros looking for extra forgiveness.

Mizuno’s newest collection of irons, dubbed MP-18, actually consists of four distinct lines with unique construction approaches. From its eponymous muscle-back blades to the hollow-body MMC FLI-HI series, Mizuno will attract players of all abilities with the new collection’s clean lines, captivating Spartan look, and exceptional performance.

Of particular note is the company’s MP-18 MMC line ($1,050 for a 4-iron to pitching wedge set), which features tungsten weighting in the toe to help with launch and increase the iron’s sweet spot. Better players will opt for the MP-18 or MP-18 SC, but the MMC has the smaller look and feel of a pro iron with the performance and technology needed by mid-handicappers. It lacks the wider sole of most game-improvement irons, but that doesn’t hurt its ability to slide through the turf on less than ideal swings.

According to Mizuno, “The Multi Material Construction (MMC) stems from a three-year project between our R&D team and our legendary forging house to address the demands of the modern player.” This is the kind of iron that an improvement-focused player can grow into as they work toward the elusive single digit handicap. At the same time, it’s the kind of iron that a player looking for more forgiveness can use without feeling like they’ve picked up a club with a sledgehammer for a head.

Sleek, multi-tone good looks aside—and it’s hard to put them aside—the MP-18 MMC also delivers performance in spades. The balls I hit with the irons followed the same flight path as that of my previous irons, but they flew farther and the swing was easier. Some of that is due to the plentiful customization options Mizuno offers with its clubs, including 26 different shafts. The combination of advanced technology in the clubhead and your fitter’s ability to get you the best performing shaft easily make this one of the best new irons to put in the bag for 2018. Now get out there and take a swing at Sand Valley or the new Streamsong Black course!

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