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Pininfarina Designs a Handsome Draft Beer Tower

Dubbed the Bull, the spout will be installed in select clubs around Belgium…

A perfect combination of passion, strength and vitality gave life to The Bull, a unique creation designed by Pininfarina for Jupiler, a brand of AB InBev. The Bull is an extraordinary draft tower that will be realized in a limited edition of 15 pieces to be installed in very exclusive clubs in Belgium. The first sculpture was unveiled at the Versuz Club on December 7th.

The project was born from the desire of Jupiler to innovate presenting a brand new project able to set a new design vision in the industry. The goal was to create a sculpture, a creation conveying Jupiler’s strongest values – passion, vigour, masculinity – mixed with the Pininfarina DNA made of elegance, purity and innovation. 

Starting from the bull – symbol of Jupiler – and its movements, the Pininfarina team penned fluid and elegant lines giving life to organic and harmonic shapes. The Bull is a unique structure based on a solid backbone – the top – sustaining three ribs – the draft towers. A fourth rib gives balance and dynamism to the structure while hosting a backlighted logo that, together with the bull’s face on the base, strongly communicates the Jupiler soul. In addition, the choice of colours, red and metal, makes the structure iconic and elegant emphasising the blend of passion and innovation.

The Bull was conceived as an evolution of the classic draft tower: from a functional object to a central piece of furniture able to enhance the personality of the environment. In this direction, Pininfarina has designed also the bar in order to deliver a complete Jupiler experience.

“Looking at The Bull, I see energy and dynamism contained in a sophisticated frame” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “A sculpture in movement able to communicate all the power of the Jupiler’s world”.

“We are very happy with this partnership as it allows us to continuously improve our brands positioning”, says Sven Meeuwissen, Marketing Manager Lagers at AB InBev. “With the launch of the Pininfarina draft towers in the most famous clubs in Belgium, we want to reach out to nightlife people by delivering them a unique visual experience combined with the great taste of a perfect drafted Jupiler beer.”

For more information, please visit www.pininfarina.com, www.facebook.com/PininfarinaSpA, store.pininfarina.com, or www.youtube.com/pininfarinaofficial, www.jupiler.be, or www.facebook.com/Jupiler.

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