Help Dad Conquer the Green with New Clubs from PXG and Miura

This Father’s Day, give him the edge he needs to improve his long, mid, and ground game.

PXG Gen 2 0311 Irons Photo: Courtesy PXG

The old adage is that a good craftsman never blames his tools. But why not ensure that this summer, dad’s tools are the best on the market? Here we present three series of clubs that will help Pop from the tee to the fairway to the green.

From the Fairway: PXG Gen 2 0311 Irons

After three years of research, PXG has unveiled its Gen 2 irons and improved what was already the best-performing iron available. PXG’s bold marketing approach along with the muscular look of its products might make you wary of their ability to perform—something you might chalk up to hype alone—but these clubs deliver.

The Gen 2 O311 irons come in four different models: T, P, XF, and SGI. Although better players will lean toward T and P, and those with slower swing speeds and more mishits will want to steer toward the latter two models, each one incorporates PXG’s cutting-edge technology, which allows for faster ball speeds off their thin faces. You’ll be impressed by the company’s attention to detail in this edition, which includes a thinner topline at address as well as sole grind on the back edge to allow for smoother turf interaction. Few do customized fitting better than PXG, and while a set of 4-PW irons will run you $2,800 ($400 per club), you’ll have the option of choosing from 105 different shafts to make sure your ball flight is dialed in exactly as you want it. The goal of the Gen 2 irons was to give golfers greater feel and more distance, and on both of these goals, PXG delivers.

From Around the Green: Miura Redesigned Wedges Series

Miura Redesigned Wedge Series

Miura Redesigned Wedge Series  Photo: Courtesy Miura

Miura creates some of the most desirable clubs in the world, a fervor which is partially fueled by their minimalist design and excellent performance. For 2018, Miura has redesigned its popular wedges with bounce angles that reduce resistance, allowing players to cut through turf effortlessly. A rounded leading edge combined with redefined bounce angles produce a quality impact that leads to a crisp and consistent divot. The wedges are finished in beautiful satin chrome, come in odd-numbered lofts, and feature a single stamp in the center of the club that seems to announce less of the brand and make more of a statement on where the money has been spent: making clubs whose function matches their sublime form. Wedge Series clubs start at $200, and Miura recommends a fitter to help you choose the appropriate shaft.

Rolling It In: Miura KM-009 Putter

Miura KM-009 Putter

Miura KM-009 Putter  Photo: Courtesy Miura

The new KM-009 blade putter from Miura really looks like a piece of art. When struck, balls roll smooth and on line, and you don’t feel a bit of vibration in the club. The putter head’s exceptional weighting is like rolling a soft break. The milled steel blade putter has a rolled topline and tapered heel, so it’s easy to square up to your putting line. “The face is forgiving and produces an impact strike that creates a solid feel with the control needed to achieve the truest rolls from reduced skid,” the company says. “It goes through the same forging process as all Miura irons, renowned for delivering both feel and performance.” Finished in white chrome, you’ll admire the looks of this putter—as will your partners as you take them for beer money at the Gauntlet down at Streamsong or the Cradle at Pinehurst. The retail price of the putter is $400.

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