Robb Report Readers Join the Jetpack Set Courtesy of JetLev

Taking water sports to new heights, a group of Robb Report readers recently tried out the JetLev R200 water-propelled jetpack. A 33-foot-long hose tethers the jetpack to a boat, where a marine engine pushes water through the hose and out of the R200’s two side-mounted water nozzles. The propulsion system produces enough thrust to lift wearers 30 feet high and push them forward at speeds as fast as 29 mph.


Broken into two groups—one participating from Fort Lauderdale and the other from Key West—the readers took their test-flights under the supervision of JetLev’s certified instructors. The group embarking from Fort Lauderdale (not far from JetLev’s headquarters in Dania Beach) followed their flights with a cocktail reception and a private dinner at the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale.

The Key West group boarded a 78-foot Lazzara yacht for a cruise ending at the pontoon boat that serves as the floating flight deck for Jetpack Adventures. After watching a pair of JetLev instructors demonstrate the jetpack’s capabilities, the readers took turns strapping on the 28-pound R200 and taking to the air. 

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