The Rotwild GT S Bike Offers Mercedes-AMG Performance on Two Wheels

The German bicycle maker’s new mountain bike pays tribute to the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car…

Inspired by the new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car, the German bicycle engineers at Rotwild have partnered with Mercedes-AMG to develop the Rotwild GT S, a high-performance, hardtail mountain bike. Rotwild’s Carbon Module Monocoque Technology joins individual handmade modules of varying carbon-fiber composition into a seamless frame that maximizes rigidity for efficient transfer of power while still dampening vibration. The 29-inch, carbon-fiber wheels have been designed for responsive acceleration and braking—not unlike the car it is based upon—and Shimano XTR electronic shifting helps guarantee precise gear transition. Pulling out all the stops, the race-ready bike comes equipped with a Formula ThirtyThree factory fork and AMG R1 Racing FCS disc brakes—among the lightest in the industry at 267 grams—both from Formula, the Italian-based component specialist. Rotwild plans to release just 100 of the roughly $15,000 machines, which come with a customized transport bag, a pump, and a tool kit. And though it will never go zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds or approach 190 mph, the GT S promises to turn heads while tackling trails with equal acclaim. (rotwild.de)

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