ValGrine Releases New Putter Designed by Gregory Moreau

The product of an exclusive alliance, this ValGrine Haute Création golf putter designed by Grégory Moreau is a feminine and masculine blend that blurs codes and symbols, for an ultimate temptation.

ValGrine is a French Maison that combines French tradition and innovation. Grégory Moreau perpetuates excellence in the artistic crafts. The spirit of Maison ValGrine is the commitment of technology, performance, crafts, and jewelry to sublimate the culture of French luxury.

Made in France by hand, in the historic cradle of the metallurgical excellence, ValGrine putters reveal themselves like real sculptures. Maison ValGrine is fully devoted to the search for exceptional performance. Three patents and three years of research and development were needed to develop the putter’s clear and accurate sound and delicate touch. The result is gorgeous, clear and fluid.


This ValGrine Haute Création putter is composed of 56 diamonds grain-set by partner 7 Place Vendome, ring and screws made of brass alloy and gold, wrought hosel carbon vacuum covered with seven layers of lacquer, full grain calf-leather grip sewn with linen thread, and on the tip of the heart, a meteor-dust forged crown. A ValGrine putter cannot be compared with anything else that already exists in the world. And its pleasure only increases when you have it in hands and play on the green.

The putter is available for € 44,278. For more information, please visit www.valgrine.com or www.facebook.com/www.valgrine.fr. Call +33 477.479.513 or email contact@valgrine.fr

Address: 9 Rue Thimonnier 42100 Saint-Etienne, France

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