Woolsey’s New Handcrafted Wooden Shuffleboard Table Lets You Pitch Pucks in Style

Its play surface is made from fine white oak and inlaid with black walnut lines and numerals.

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table with pony Photo: courtesy Sean Woolsey Studio

The convenience of being able to hold an impromptu Shuffleboard tournament in your own home is a tempting proposition. But when tables can measure up to 22 feet in length, choosing one with simple good looks that will compliment a room—rather than be a distraction—is critical.

Following the successful debut of its gorgeous wooden ping pong table last year, furniture design firm Sean Woolsey Studio recently introduced its 14-foot Woolsey Shuffleboard Table.

The handmade table is built around a steel frame (available in either white or black) and attached to four black walnut legs. The playing surface is made from white oak planks cut using the rift-sawn method, in which a log is sliced in a particular pattern to ensure all the planks have the straightest graining possible, lending the board a pleasing visual uniformity. The tabletop is then covered with two coats of UV-resistant epoxy to protect the wood, even from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table, white oak with inlaid black walnut

Photo: courtesy Sean Woolsey Studio

Black walnut is further used to line the top perimeter of the board as well as for the marker lines and numerals inlaid into the play surface. To make sure there are no accusations of impropriety after a heated match, the table’s legs and underside are equipped with levelers to make sure the surface lays true.

The Woolsey Shuffleboard Table comes with eight pucks—four white and four black—as well as a magnetic backboard on which to store them. The $14,000 table is available for purchase through the studio’s website and can take from six to eight weeks to be complete from the time of ordering.

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table and included pucks

Photo: courtesy Sean Woolsey Studio

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