McIntosh’s New Product Lineup

McIntosh’s Compact Home-Theater Audio System

(pictured with grills)

Credits: Shot on location at the Source AV Design Group in Torrance, CA. (310.534.9900,

Lovan USA Matrix Series Audio/Video rack (

Photography by Cordero Studios (

From its beginnings in the 1940s as an amp maker for TV broadcast, to fueling the amplification fire at Woodstock in 1969, to the telltale blue-light visage of its various products found in the homes of countless audiophiles today, McIntosh has become a name synonymous with high fidelity¬. Over the last year, McIntosh has released a number of products that reinforce its position as a leader in the realms of two-channel and home-theater audio reproduction. Pictured here is the definitive compact home-theater audio system from the Binghamton, NY, manufacturer. This cinematic sound setup includes its new XCS200 center-channel speaker, MVP881 universal Blu-ray player, and MX150 audio/video control center, as well as the XR200 loudspeakers ($20,000 per pair) and MC207 seven-channel power amplifier ($8,500), which hit the market in 2008 and 2004, respectively. (607.723.3512, —Bailey S. Barnard

C50    MEN220    MVP881 
MX150    MC452    XCS200