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21 Ultimate Gifts: Getting Personal

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An Airbus A380, the world’s largest jumbo jet.

A custom megayacht.

Personalized interiors for both by designer Patrick Knowles. 


With this, the most expensive package ever offered in Robb Report’s Ultimate Gift Guide, the recipient will receive an Airbus A380—the world’s largest passenger aircraft—and a custom megayacht. Renowned designer Patrick Knowles will work with the recipient to transform the interiors of each and create a highly personalized style that can serve as an aesthetic coat of arms.

Knowles has impressed the boating world with stunning yacht interiors for such shipyards as Christensen, Trinity, and Feadship. He has also designed interiors for nearly 40 private jets, including ones produced by Gulfstream, Boeing, Bombardier, and McDonnell Douglas. For this gift, Knowles will collaborate with the recipient in the acquisition of an Airbus A380 jumbo jet and in the construction of a megayacht. (The designer and the recipient will determine the size, specifications, and builder of the boat.) Knowles will then design for both the aircraft and the yacht a unified custom interior that reflects the recipient’s personality and preferences—a process that promises to be both creative and memorable.

“Typically with designers, we’re conditioned to working with touch and sight,” Knowles says. “Fortunately, in my particular line of work, I’ve been pressed to go beyond the two basic senses of design.” Indeed, Knowles’ designs often exhibit elements of smell, hearing, and taste; during his career, he has been asked to develop fragrances, sound tracks, and even unique cocktails to welcome guests to the yacht or aircraft. “The idea is to create an atmosphere,” he says, “a personality for the environment that is a reflection of my client.”

Knowles’ designs for both the A380 and the megayacht will complement each other in tone and aesthetics. Knowles and his team will identify by way of interviews and consultations the recipient’s preferences for all five senses and from there create a unique environment. “A lot of clients don’t actually recognize that what they’re looking for is brand identity,” Knowles says. “When we get into this process, it quickly becomes evident that what we’re designing is so exclusive to them that it actually becomes their custom personal brand.”

Knowles believes that the recipient will consider certain amenities minimum requirements for the yacht and aircraft. A wine cellar, a full-service galley, a dedicated cinema, and a fitness center and spa will likely be part of the design, though Knowles notes that the buyer could include whatever suits his or her tastes.

Patrick Knowles Designs, 954.832.0108, www.patrickknowlesdesigns.com

Considering the delivery backlog of A380s and the time required to design and build a custom megayacht, the gift will take at least six years to produce.

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