AeroMobil Promises to Make a Future with Flying Cars a Reality

The two-person flying car was exhibited at this year’s South by Southwest festival…

AeroMobil gained a lot of attention at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, last month when it displayed a working prototype of its flying car. Juraj Vaculík, AeroMobil’s CEO, announced that the airplane has been flying since last year and that the company hopes to start deliveries as soon as 2017.


The two-seat aircraft needs just 650 feet to take off from a grass field, and Vaculík says it should be possible to build on- and off-ramps that would accommodate the aircraft so that pilots could land right next to the freeway, retract the wings, and then merge into traffic to complete their journey. It will be capable of flying at up to 124 mph and driving at up to 99 mph, with a range of 435 miles flying or 545 miles on the ground.

Pricing for the vehicle has not been announced, but it will likely be several hundred thousand dollars. For family trips straight out of The Jetsons, the company is also developing a four-seat autonomous version. (aeromobil.com)

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