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This New Business Jet Is So Big It Has a King-Size Bed and a Full Shower

The "Xtra Large Bizjet," as Airbus calls its brand-new TwoTwenty, has six living zones and room for 18.

The new ACJ TwoTwenty is a super-cool business jet

Go big or go home. Airbus took that phrase and gave it a luxurious twist: The European jet manufacturer wants passengers to go big while going home—or at least going somewhere special. Airbus Corporate Jets last week launched its TwoTwenty, a business jet so brawny it contains a king-sized bed and full shower, while still cradling 18 passengers in assorted laps of luxury. It’s so large, in fact, that the company says it should have its own spellcheck-free category—the XtraLarge Bizjet—a designation that any jet-setting rapper would love.

With its convertible interior design, the new aircraft is gunning for smaller long-range and heavy business jets that know how to optimize every interior inch of space, but can’t meet the size of converted commercial jets. Benoit Defforge, president of Airbus Corporate Jets, praised the “flexible cabin catalogue” in the TwoTwenty’s design. “The aircraft combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space and comfort for all passengers,” said Defforge.

The new plane is based on Airbus’ A220-100 commercial airliner, which typically seats about 150, instead of a dozen. The aircraft also known for efficiency, thanks to advanced low-weight construction materials, improved aerodynamics and Pratt & Whitney PW1000G turbofan engines. The 220-100 is 25 percent more fuel efficient and 50 percent quieter than similar previous-generation aircraft.

The new ACJ TwoTwenty is a super-cool business jet with a huge lounge

The openness of the forward lounge and dining areas, with six living zones, gives a sense of how large this business jet really is.  ACJ

The TwoTwenty is a genuine long-distance performer. It can fly 5,650 nautical miles—say from L.A. to London—without refueling, or the equivalent of roughly 12 hours in the air. The 785-square-foot cabin (roughly 78 feet long and 11 feet wide) is divided into six distinct areas with spaces for working, dining, relaxing and sleeping. Passengers will be able to stand up straight in the wide-body cabin, so pacing up and down the corridor is be an option too.

With the exclusive contract to design the first 15 cabins, Swiss interior firm Comlux, has created select arrangements around handmade furnishings, electro-chromatic windows and high-tech LED lighting. Buyers can naturally request more customization.

“This latest technology platform is offering unbeatable economics and unrivaled reliability,” added Defforge. “Based on its compelling market appeal, we see a promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market.”

The kingsize bedroom in this Airbus business jet shows its huge space

King-size beds and full showers are rare on business jets, but the TwoTwenty’s 785-sq. foot interior allows for a dedicated master suite.  ACJ

ACJ has already taken orders for six TwoTwenties. At a reported $81 million each, that would equal a nice down payment on the company’s Xtra Large BizJet.

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