Beat Jet Lag by Flying on These Airlines

These three airlines are working to jet-lag-proof travel...

Classic tricks for avoiding jet lag—from vitamin C to decidedly stronger substances—rarely work as planned. But there’s new hope for time-zone-traversing travelers, as commercial airlines roll out new cabins to help you deplane rested and refueled. Qatar Airways ( claims that its new A350 XWB aircraft diminishes jet lag with a host of technological advances, including pressurization that mimics lower elevations and LED lights that help adjust passengers’ sleep–wake cycles. Emirates ( is betting on comfort to beat the lag with its new business-class seats, which will debut this November with features like personal minibars, 23-inch TVs, and lie-flat leather seats. (Emirates will also reportedly launch fully enclosed first-class suites next year.) In May, Virgin Australia ( redesigned its international business class to offer private suites with 80-inch lie-flat seats and turndown service. Still can’t sleep? Seek out an old, if not entirely reliable, remedy at the new business-class cabin’s bar and lounge.  

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