Mecaer Aviation Group Offers a Custom Interior for the Bell 505

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter can be ordered with a “MAGnificent” custom interior…

Bell Helicopter’s new light single-engine 505 Jet Ranger X, which just started deliveries in March, can be ordered with a premium “MAGnificent” interior, adding less than 100 pounds in weight and under $100,000 to the cost, says Mecaer Aviation Group, which completes the installation. The upgrade adds style and amenities, with modified seats, bespoke flooring materials, and custom liners and panels. The MAGnificent option “really enhances the looks and the style of the interior,” says Mecaer spokesman Grayson Barrows.

Custom colors and stitching in the upholstery can incorporate names and logos. An overhead passenger-service unit offers up reading lights and air vents. Options include a roomy cabinet that’s interchangeable with the rear center seat. The cabinet features storage, USB ports, and a tray for cold drinks. A side storage cabinet for the pilot provides a cup holder, pockets for maps, and space to store personal electronics. A leather shroud surrounds the pilot’s control stick.

Style options for the interior include leather trim, added coat hooks, and custom-engraved plates for the thresholds. A quick-disconnect system makes it easy to remove and reconfigure seats for specific missions. The Bell 505 carries up to four passengers with a single pilot, and cruises at about 144 mph, with a range of 338 miles. It’s driven by an Arrius 2R engine by Safran, enhanced by a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control system that improves safety and reduces pilot workload. It sells for about $1.3 million. (mecaer.com)

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