Best Of The Best 2006: Fair Shake

CitationShares, the fractional operator co-owned by Cessna Aircraft and TAG Aviation, is offering innovative, accessible incentives. Its Preferred Positioning option, for example, allows discounted travel on unoccupied planes flying to or from a point on another customer’s trip. The company also has launched a program that waives repositioning fees for all Saturday trips to and from the Caribbean that fall within designated four-hour windows. Finally, a Value Plus option lets you purchase additional hours in any increments on any CJ1, Bravo, or Excel in the company’s fleet. Fractional prices range from $430,000 for a one-sixteenth share (50 hours) of a small, six-seat Citation CJ3 to $975,000 for the same share of a medium-size, nine-seat Citation Sovereign.

As fractional contracts that were signed at the beginning of the decade reach their maturation dates, buyback policies—referring to the rate at which an operator will purchase shares back from an owner—are drawing attention. CitationShares has won praise for offering some of the best buyback rates in the business, usually well above the industry average of about 70 percent.





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