Best Of The Best 2006: Fast Off The Mark

The jaunty little American Legend Cub first flew in March 2005, and in July it was among the first to be certified in the new light sport aircraft category. Customer deliveries began in October, and within two months American Legend Aircraft Co. was planning to double its factory size. Mod­eled after the classic Piper J-3 Cub, the Legend features roomier seating and easier handling than the original but continues to offer the low-and-slow pleasure you experience when flying for flying’s sake. It can carry two people 300 miles on one tank of fuel and requires only 350 feet of grass for taking off or landing. Add a pair of floats, and the Cub is ready for weekends on the water. It has a base price of $85,000 and costs about $154,000 with all the options.

American Legend Aircraft Co.



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